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Main Street Is Decorated For Christmas At The Magic Kingdom

Main Street is the gateway to the Magic Kingdom at Disney World and it represents the charm of small town America.

During the Christmas season each year Main Street is decorated for the Christmas Holidays.  Using the traditional decorations of evergreen roping and wreaths, the building and light posts are adorned with the colors of Christmas.  The decorations are fitting for the setting and tend toward the simpler, more basic fruits, evergreen boughs, and lighting.

The shops look nice with the red of the bows contrasting the dark green of the evergreen boughs.

Poinsettia blooms are incorporated with fruit and evergreen branches to make a wonderful display on the street lamps.  In true Disney fashion they are in the shape of the classic "Hidden Mickey."

Even the stately train station looks festive, all decorated for the season.

The giant tree in the center of Town Square really looks magnificent.  The ornaments are simple and fit the overall theme of the area.

At night the lights come on and the scene takes on a special glow.  The Toy Soldiers in Town Square look almost alive in the night time lighting.

The Town Square Tree with its bright star looks great all lit up.  You can see the lights of Main Street and Cinderella Castle in the background.

Main Street at Disney World does a great job of resisting the temptation of doing an over the top display and is decorated in a manner that really brings a small town setting to mind. 

Walking down Main Street during Christmas time brings a happy feeling to your heart and to me says Family Christmas.

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