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Disney Company Legend, Roy E. Disney Passes Away

Roy E. Disney, nephew of Walt Disney and son of Roy O. Disney, passed away today (Dec. 16, 2009) at the age of 79.  He died following a year long battle with stomach cancer.

Growing up surrounded by the family business, Roy started to work for the Walt Disney Co. in the 1950's as an editor, screenwriter, and producer.  His work even garnered two Academy Award nominations for short films.

Bob Iger, Disney Company president and chief executive said this about Roy in a statement: "Roy's commitment to the art of animation was unparalleled and will always remain his personal legacy and one of his greatest contributions to Disney's past, present and future."

Roy's commitment to and love of the art was echoed in his own words written for the foreward of the 2009 book "The Art of Walt Disney World Resort" by Jeff Kurtti and Bruce Gordon:
The beauty of the Disney experience for me, and the thing that makes this all very universal and brings it all together, is that it still originates with the mind and the hand and the paper and the vision.  And it's art.  No matter how you define it and what the technological, architectural, engineering, or construction processes bring to the final result, the vision begins with an imaginative idea and beautiful art, and that's what makes the Disney park experience so culturally  resonant, emotionally reassuring, and, most of all, perpetually memorable.
Roy - You Will Be Missed!
John Lassiter - former head of Pixar Animation and now chief creative officer for Walt Disney and Pixar Animation said it well, when he said these words about Roy: "He put his heart and soul into preserving Disney's legendary past, while helping to move the art of animation into the modern age by embracing new technology."

Roy will be missed not only for his own worthy accomplishments, but also his continuous commitment to make sure that the Walt Disney Company never forgot the visions and ideals of his father and his uncle.

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