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The Story Of Cinderella As Told On The Carousel In The Magic Kingdom

Disney World's Carousel which can be found in the Magic Kingdom has a long storied history.  Up until recently it was known as Cinderella's Golden Carousel, but it is now known as the Prince Charming Regal Carrousel.  The name may have changed, but Cinderella is still the star of this Carousel..

The Story of Cinderella
Everyone may be familiar with Cinderella's story, but few have probably noticed that it is told amongst the 18 special panels encircling the Prince Charming Regal Carrousel.

If you look up at the decorative perimeter of the carousel high above the horses (shown in the picture above), you will see ornate carvings and 18 equally spaced panels that each tell part of the story of Cinderella from the Walt Disney Productions Animated Classic.

If you haven't noticed these panels before you are in luck, this post presents ALL 18 panels in order from humble beginnings to marriage to the Prince. 

Panel #1: Meet Cinderella.  In this panel we are introduced to Cinderella.  We can already tell that she is someone special by the way that the bidrs are helping her get dressed.

Panel #2: Cinderella At Work.  Here we quickly see that Cinderella is a hard working young lady, with many tasks in her stepmother's home.

Panel #3: Cinderella's Wish.  We see Cinderella and her animal friends dreaming of what could never happen in her current life.

Panel #4 Lady Tremaine, Anastatia, & Drizella.  We are introduced to Cinderella's stepmother and her two stepsisters.

Panel #5 The Fairy Godmother.  Life is about to change for Cinderella as she meets her Fairy Godmother.

Panel #6 The Pumpkin Coach.  After the transformation takes place, Cinderella is taken to the Ball in her elegant coach.

Panel #7: The Castle.  We see the beautiful castle where the Royal Ball takes place.

Panel #8: The Dance.  Cinderella dances with Prince Charming at the Royal Ball.

Panel #9: Cinderella and Prince Charming.  Cinderella and Prince Charming continue to dance outside.

Panel #10: Prince Charming & Cinderella on the Bridge.

Panel #11: Midnight!  The clock strikes midnight at the Royal Ball.

Panel #12: Cinderella Must Leave.  At midnight Cinderella knows the magic is going to wear off and she must head home.

Panel #13: The Glass Slipper.  Cinderella loses a glass slipper as she hurries to leave.

Panel #14: The Magic Is Gone.  Cinderella and her animal friends revert back to their old selves.

Panel #15: Is This Your Glass Slipper?  Cinderella tries on the glass slipper.

Panel #16: Cinderella and Prince Charming are reunited.

Panel #17: Cinderella Marries Her Prince.  Cinderella and Prince Charming are married.

Panel #18: Cinderella Castle.  Cinderella's new home is now in the Royal Castle as she is now a Princess.

Carousel Of Details
The next time that you are visiting Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom make sure that you stop by the Prince Charming Regal Carrousel, which can be found right next to Cinderella Castle.

Take the time to see the story of Cinderella for yourself and point it out to your family.  There are many other wonderful details built in to this marvelous carousel for you to enjoy.  It just goes to show that you don't always have to have the latest technology to create an attraction that can "tell a story" to entertain the Disney World guests.

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  1. I have never taken the time to notice the story of Cinderella on the carousel. I will the next time I go to the Magic Kingdom! I have been to Walt Disney World many times and am still learning about new things!

  2. Panel #1 Layout by Dave Ensign

    Panel#8 Layout and painting by Kim Ensign

    Panel#9 Layout by Dave Ensign

    Panel#12 Layout and painting by Kim Ensign

    Panel#13 Layout and painting by Dave Ensign

    Panel #15 Layout Dave Ensign

    Panel#16 Layout Dave Ensign. Painting Kim Ensign

    Panel#17 Layout Chuck Keeler and Dave Ensign. Painting Chuck and Kim


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