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Wine Studio at the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival

The Wine Studio Marketplace is one of the food and drink locations to be found during the 20th annual Epcot International Food & Wine Festival.  This one is the only one dedicated to Wines that you will find at this year's Festival.

Wine Studio Marketplace

As one of over 30 different International Food & Drink kiosks that have been erected around Epcot for the Food and Wine Festival, the Wine Studio  Marketplace is that features a artisan cheese trio and and an impressive lineup of eight different wines that are suited to appeal to all varieties of wine lovers.

The Menu

The Wine Studio has the best wine menus of all of the F&W Festival Marketplaces.  

Here are your food choices:
  • Trio of Artisan Cheese 
    - Karst Cave-aged Cheese served with Honey
    - La BonneVie Goat Cheese served with Craisin Bread
    - Rogue Creamery Oregon Blue Cheese with Berry-Port Compote
Here are the amazing wine choices that await you at this Marketplace:
  • Avviato Pinot Grigio, Oregon
  • Estancia Chardonnay, California
  • Fransciscan White Wine, California
  • Stemmari Pinot Noir, Sicily
  • Dry Creek Zinfandel, California
  • Spelbound Petite Sirah, California
  • Clayhouse Malbec, California
  • Line 39 Cabernet Sauvignon, California

Wine Marketplace Marketplace - The Review

The Wine Marketplace caught our attention because of the incredibly varied selections of wine from the light Pinot Grigio to the heavy Cabernet Sauvignon and 7 other varieties in between.  We tried the Line 39 Cabernet Sauvignon and paired it with the Cheese Fondue from the Cheese Studio Marketplace and it made for a wonderful tasting.  This Cabernet was dry and really appealed to our tastes.

The fact that this Marketplace offers such a wide choice of wine varietals makes it a great place to try wines no matter whether you are a fan of sweet whites or dry reds there is something for you.

Festival Passport

Visitors to the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival can pick up a free Passport and get a unique stamp at each of the Festival Marketplace kiosks.  The only way you can get this stamp is to actually visit the kiosk.  You don't have to make a purchase to receive the stamp in your passport, but you do have to visit to get your passport stamped.

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