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Disney World Promotes Harmony With The Environment At The Land Pavilion

Disney World Guests are often given the opportunity to learn while they are being entertained at Epcot.  The topic of learning within The Land Pavilion in Future World is: Living In Harmony With Our Environment.

The Land Pavilion
More so than in any of the other Future World Pavilions, The Land Pavilion, both inside and outside exhibits ties to the environment.  Even the landscaping around The Land was done in a fashion to embody the natural riches of our land while the trees nearest the entrance develop white blooms that are meant to look like clouds surrounding the upper portion of the mountain like building.

As you near the entrance you will notice a large mosaic that extends on both sides (pictured above).  This was constructed to depict the layers you would find if you dug down into the earth.  The tile work is quite amazing and worth taking a close look at.

Once inside the pavilion you enter a large open atrium that serves as the hub for the building.  The large skylights designed into the roof provide natural sunlight and symbolically connect The Land to the nourishing sun.

While glancing upward you will also notice the 5 large globes hanging from the ceiling.  The upper most represents the earth, while the lower four each represent one of the seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall.

Also in the Atrium you will find the Quick Service Restaurant called: Sunshine Seasons.

The "original" main attraction for the Pavilion: Living With The Land is a boat based journey through a series of different environments and challenges that man faces on the planet.  The ride concludes with an incredible tour through Disney's special gardens uses state of the art planting techniques that increase produce yields and allow plants to grow in otherwise inhospitable conditions.

On the "new" main attraction called Soarin' which presents a hang gliding simulation over some of California's most scenic landmarks, the environmental ties aren't as strong and it doesn't share the cohesive theming ties that the rest of the pavilion has.

On the 2nd level you will find the Garden Grill.  This unique rotating restaurant features fruits and vegetables that are grown in The Land's greenhouses.  The restaurant also gives views into the Living With The Land Attraction.

The last attraction in this pavilion is called: Circle Of Life: An Environmental Fable.  This uses the popular characters from The Lion King to help tell the story of the need to protect our environment.

Entertainment + Education = Edutainment?
Walt Disney always believed that it was important to entertain the guests first, and if they were able to learn something in the process all the better.  The topics presented in The Land are serious, but they are presented in a way that you can be entertained no matter your age or ability to grasp all of the concepts presented. 

The Disney Imagineers do an excellent job of harmoniously linking the structure and its landscaping to the   story of Environmental Awareness and Living in Harmony with Nature.  The next time that you visit Epcot and you make your mad dash to ride Soarin', pay attention to everything else that The Land has to offer and you may come away with a better understanding of our Environment.

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