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Disney World Theme Park Strategy: Maximize FastPass To Minimize Wait

During your Walt Disney World Resort Vacation you can save hours each day by knowing which attractions to use the FREE Disney FastPass option.  This will not only reduce your time standing in lines, but enhance your ability to enjoy more of what Disney World has to option. 

Disney World FastPass
When you visit the Walt Disney World Theme Parks there is a FREE service called FastPass that is important for you to be familiar with.  Certain attractions within each Park are designated as FastPass attractions and have special areas like the one depicted above where you can go to get a special ticket that allows you to return later within a designated time window (one hour long) where you can get into a special line that usually has a 10 minute or less wait for the attraction.  A limited number of FastPasses are issued for each time range.

This can dramatically reduce your time spent in line during the day if used properly.  Each Park has attractions that you absolutely take advantage of the FastPass system and others where it is optional depending upon the day.  Your target should always be to never spend more than 20 minutes in line if you can avoid it.  Believe it or not this is possible at Disney World, even during the busy seasons.  Proper use of the FastPasses is one important component towards reaching that goal.

Note: Each person may obtain one FastPass at a time using his/her Park Admission Ticket at designated kiosks.  At the bottom of the FastPass is a notation of when you may obtain another FastPass.

Epcot FastPass Strategy
As soon as you arrive at Epcot you should proceed directly to the Land Pavilion in Future World and get a FastPass for Soarin'.  This incredibly popular attraction for all ages consistently has the longest lines and the FastPasses go quickly for this attraction.

If you arrive at park opening, after getting your FastPass for Soarin' you should proceed to the other side of Future World to ride Test Track, which is the other very popular attraction in Epcot.  The line should still be at the 20 minute or less time frame early in the day.  Otherwise you will need to wait until you are allowed to get another FastPass and obtain one for Test Track at that time.

Mission Space is right next to Test Track and you should ride that right after Test Track while the lines are short early in the day.

The other very popular Future World attraction is Spaceship Earth, which is right at the entrance to Epcot.  Your best strategy is to skip it first  thing in the morning at visit it much later in the day.  If you do that you will usually be rewarded with a 5 minute or less wait for this great attraction.

Disney's Hollywood Studios FastPass Strategy
At Disney's Hollywood Studios the strategy involves sending a member of your party directly to Toy Story Mania at Park Opening to get FastPasses for your group.  This attraction garners the longest waits in all of Disney World.  It also consistently runs out of its allotment of FastPasses early each day, so you do not want to procrastinate.

After you get your Toy Story Mania Fastpasses, head to the Rock 'N Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith and ride it if the line is 20 minutes or less.  If it is longer, wait until you are permitted to get another FastPass and get one to ride later.  Lines for this thrilling roller coaster frequently exceed one hour.
Next proceed to the nearby Twilight Zone Tower Of Terror.  If line is under 20 minutes, ride now otherwise pick up a FastPass later in the day to ride.  This is one of the best attractions in Disney World, so you don't want to miss this unique elevator drop attraction.

The other high volume attraction is the newly updated Star Tours: The Adventures Continue.  You should be able to find a time when the lines are 20 minutes or less to ride without using a FastPass.  Watch out that the Indiana Jones Stunt Show has just let out, since the crowd exits near the attraction and that can swell the lines for a period of time.

Magic Kingdom FastPass Strategy
At Disney World's first Park the 3 Mountains (Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain Railroad, and Splash Mountain) are king and they should guide your FastPass Strategy.  the Magic Kingdom is also the Disney World Theme Park with the most FastPass capable attractions, so it is important to know where and when to use your FastPasses.

Space Mountain routinely has the longest lines, so you are best served by getting a FastPass for it at Park Opening and then heading for Fantasyland.  Ride Winnie The Pooh now because lines get much longer in the middle of the day and then ride Peter Pan's Flight as this original Magic Kingdom attraction can have waits of over an hour later in the day.

Catch the Haunted Mansion and ride it as you make your way to Frontierland to visit Disney's other two mountains.  When you get to Thunder Mountain Railroad and Splash Mountain check the wait times and the FastPass Return Times.  Often you can get a FastPass to one and get in line for the other.

You can then proceed to Adventureland to ride Pirates of The Caribbean which usually has rather short lines, if not just come back at another time, you should not have to wait more than 20 minutes here.

The Jungle Cruise is another attraction that you should definitely either get a FastPass or come back later if the line is over 20 minutes.  This is a great attraction to ride late at night.  Lines are shorter and the attraction takes on a new look in the dark.

Disney's Animal Kingdom FastPass Strategy
As soon as the Park opens head for Expedition Everest.  Get a FastPass and then get in line as well because riding once is never enough.  After that head for Dinoland to ride Dinosaur.  The lines are short early in the day and this attraction should not be missed.

Next head to Africa and get a FastPass for the Kilimanjaro Safari.  Too many people wait in the long, hot line here when they could get a FastPass, go have a snack or a bite to eat and return a short time later for a much shorter wait in line.  Definitely use the FastPass and avoid the wait!

The other FastPass Attraction is Kali River Rapids which is very popular in the hot summer. Get a FastPass to avoid the over 60 minute wait in line and your day will be much more pleasant.

FastPasses Are FREE So Use Them!
Time is precious when you are at Disney World, so don't waste it standing in lines when you don't have to.  By arriving at the Theme Parks at opening and using the FastPass system wisely you can easily enjoy more attractions than the typical visitor to Disney World and take some of the stress out of your vacation.

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