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Disney World Top 6 Attractions With Boats

Disney World Top 6 is a new regular feature at Only WDWorld.  Each week we will take a different topic and count down the Top 6 found at the Walt Disney World Resort.  This week we kick it all off with the Top 6 Attractions With Boats.  These are the water based attractions where your ride vehicle is some form of boat.  Without further adieu:

Disney World Top 6 Attractions With Boats

6. Maelstrom - We start our countdown in Epcot Norway with the thrilling boat ride through Viking battles and Troll Country.  This is the most thrilling attraction in Epcot's World Showcase with an exciting drop near the end of the ride.

5. Jungle Cruise - The Magic Kingdom Adventureland brings us this classic Disney Attraction.  Here you cruise through the world's most famous rivers as you encounter Wild Animals, Angry Natives, and corny jokes.

4. it's a small world - The addictive song in this Magic Kingdom attraction will stick in your head long after you complete this ride through a showcase of cultures from around the world.  The sheer number of elegantly costumed dolls and brilliant use of simple animatronics make this a favorite for all ages.

3. Kali River Rapids - The best way to cool off during a hot day at Disney's Animal Kingdom is to hop aboard this wild white water adventure.  This is one boat ride that will definitely get you wet.    If the rapids don't get you, the spectators controlling the water canons at the end of the attraction will.

2. Pirates Of The Caribbean - Adding Captain Jack Sparrow and elements from the Pirates Of The Caribbean movies only made this fan favorite attraction better.  Everyone feels their "Inner Pirate" come alive during this journey through Pirate Country.

1. Splash Mountain - This attraction has it all: Water, Thrills, lots of Audio-Animatronic characters, great music, and a long ride time.  As one of the Magic Kingdom's Fabled Triple Mountains, Splash Mountain provides the most complete attraction.  The signature 50 foot drop is one of the most thrilling moments at Disney World and certainly qualifies it for the Top Disney World Attraction With A Boat!

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  1. I want to thank you Jamie for this beautiful article, you made my day. Last time when I visited DW, I enjoyed to of these and after reading this I am in flashback of my wonderful memories. Thanks once again.

  2. Some of the best rides on boats are the ones that get you to the parks. Just getting across Bay Lake can be a real adventure.

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