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Disney World Presents The Hall Of Presidents - A Celebration Of Liberty's Leaders

The Magic Kingdom at Disney World is home to The Hall Of Presidents.  Here you can witness an amazing display of technological wizardry with state of the art audio-animatronic replicas of each of the Presidents Of The United States.  You can also learn more about this esteemed office and the men that have occupied it.

The Hall Of Presidents - A Celebration Of Liberty's Leaders
The Hall of Presidents, fittingly located in the Liberty Square section of the Magic Kingdom, is focused upon telling the story of the role of the President Of The United States and the men that have held that have held it.

Like many Disney World Attractions there is much to see and experience in the area before the actual attraction.  In The Hall Of Presidents there are two display cabinets that contain artifacts from various Presidents Of The United States.  This collection of items shows the widely different personalities and interests of the men who been President.

Although you may be tempted to quickly pass by this area in the interest of seeing the main show, you would certainly miss out on an opportunity to learn more about these U.S. Presidents if you did so.  These items help show the sides of the men away from the rigors and demands of the Office. 

The artifacts span from George Washington to George W. Bush.  It is an interesting assortment of items that allow us to see a little more into the personalities of these men.

Not surprisingly George W. Bush is represented by a replica of the pair of specially made cowboy boots with the Presidential Seal that he wore at his Inauguration.  This pays tribute to George's Texas roots.

James K. Polk was the 11th President of the United States.  The Green Wine Glass pictured above was ordered by the Polk Administration for use at Presidential Dinners and has the Presidential Seal etched into it.  Polk was known for his successes in foreign policy during a period of expansion for the United States.  The Dinners the White House were known for the elaborately set tables including a "rainbow around each plate" through the use of colored glassware.

The picture above shows a family seal and coat buttons from our 2nd President, John Adams.  The family seal is for the Boylston family which was his mother's.  John used the Boylston Seal to sign the Treaty of Peace with Great Britain in 1783.  The coat buttons were on the coat he wore at the signing and can be seen in the portrait of the event.  This was a historic event as this treaty was the official document ending the Revolutionary War.  John Adams represented the new United States of America along with Benjamin Franklin and John Jay.  It wasn't until 1796 that he was elected President.

Gerald Ford, the 38th President of the United States, was a lifelong athlete with a strong interest in sports.  In high school he was a star football player and later went on to play football for the University of Michigan.  Sports always played a role in his life outside of politics.  He enjoyed playing tennis and golf while he served as President.

Ronald Reagan, the 40th President of the United States, was certainly a well-liked President.  This silver and turquoise belt buckle was one of over 300 belt buckle that he received as gifts while in office.  It pays tribute to the fact that he was the 40th President and has a star representing Sacramento, California where he served as Governor.

Herbert Hoover, the 31st President of the United States, was an avid fisherman and even wrote a book on the topic.  He once was quoted as saying it should be: "the right of every citizen to catch at least 50 fish per year," including "one big one for the purpose of indelible memory and conservation."

Franklin D. Roosevelt, the 32nd President of the United States, enjoyed stamp collecting.  Even while he served as President he continued to collect stamps and grow his collection.  He was also an advocate for the hobby and encouraging and inspiring new philatelists.

A Celebration Of Liberty's Leaders
Taking advantage of the extra features of The Hall Of Presidents like these display cabinets in the pre-show area helps tell the story that Disney does so well.  By not taking a few moments to check out these interesting items you miss out on some of this detail.  The items on display illustrate the differences in interests and background of these men that have shared the highest office of the United States.

The items pictured here show less than half of the items on display.  Make sure you check these out the next time you visit the Magic Kingdom and learn while you are entertained.

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