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Finding Discount Disney World Tickets

Finding Cheap or Discount Disney World Tickets is an important topic to most Walt Disney World Resort Travellers.  No one wants to pay more than they have to, and everyone wants to feel that they got the best deal available.  There are two parts to avoid overpaying for Disney Park Tickets and Only WDWorld will share both of them with you.

Know Which Disney World Tickets To Buy
It all starts by understanding the Disney World Magic Your Way Ticket System and how the pricing is structured.  Disney uses a tiered pricing system that depends upon the number of days that you plan to visit.

For 1 to 3 days you will average around $80 per day.

Starting at day 4 through day 10 you will see dramatic reductions in the per day costs for the tickets (see table above). By planning to visit Disney World for a minimum of 6 days and up to 10 during one visit instead of multiple shorter visits , you can save a lot of money.

For a family of 4, with 2 adults and 2 children between the ages of 3 – 9, the cost of tickets for one 6 day visit is $922 versus $1,704 for two 3 day visits.

The savings is $782. Also with the longer vacation, there is less need for the $54 person Park Hopper add on, that you would be tempted to add when you take the shorter trip and want to do everything. Add that to the original savings and you are talking about a total ticket savings of $1,214!

For each adult the per day rate for the 6-day trip is: $40.33; for the 3-day trip:$74.67 or $92.67 with Park Hopper option. The savings is 46% compared to the 3-day or 56% for the 3-day with Park Hopper.

Know Where To Buy Disney World Tickets
The other way that you can save significant money is knowing where to purchase your tickets.  You can buy them directly from Disney World or you can use a reputable ticket broker such as OrlandoFunTickets.com.

OrlandoFunTickets.com is the Largest Ticket Discount Store in Florida &  Only WDWorld's "Preferred Disney World Ticket Provider".  They are a Disney World Authorized Ticket Broker who buys large quantities of tickets and passes the savings on to you.

• Licensed & Bonded
• Authorized Contracts with Disney
• Reliable, Professional & Convenient Location
• No Hidden Fees

There are many places that try to get you to view timeshares or sell partially used tickets.  A reputable ticket broker like OrlandoFunTickets.com would never do that.  You only purchase new, unused tickets that are the same as any you purchase at the Disney World gates.

Typical savings vary with greater savings available for the multi-day tickets.  On their website you can currently find a Special Deal for:
Adult 3 Day Magic Your Way Base Ticket with Free Upgrade To 5 Day Ticket for $222.44. 

Compared to the Disney World 5-Day Magic Your Way Ticket Price of $237, that is a savings of $14.56 per ticket.

That savings can really add up for your entire family.

Savings Summary
When you are looking to pay the lowest amount possible for Disney World Park Tickets follow these 2 pieces of advice:
  1. Plan for a longer trip (6 - 10 days) instead of multiple short trips.  It will make a huges difference in amount that you pay for park tickets.
  2. Choose a reputable Ticket Broker like OrlandoFunTickets.com to save even more.
Combine both of those techniques and you too can get the best deals for Disney World Tickets!

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