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Disney World Vacation Tips: Disney World Buses

One of the advantages of staying at a Disney World Resort Hotel during your Disney World Vacation is that you have access to FREE Disney World Transportation during your entire stay.  You can leave the driving to the Disney World Cast Members and be delivered close to the front gate of each Disney World Theme Park.

Disney World Buses
If you are staying on the Disney World Property, then odds are you will be using the Disney Bus system to get around during your vacation.  Disney’s fleet of over 230 buses do a great job of getting people around the 47 square miles of the Walt Disney World Resort.

Each resort that is served by the bus system has 5 different buses coming every 20-30 minutes to take people to each of the 4 Theme Parks and Downtown Disney. The two Disney water parks can also be reached through the bus system (Typhoon Lagoon on the Downtown Disney bus and Blizzard Beach on the Animal Kingdom bus).

To get where you want to go, start out at the bus stop for your resort. The larger resorts have multiple bus stops, so that you only have a couple minute walk to your nearest bus stop.

The buses are clearly marked with the electronic signs as to their destination. You board the bus that is going to your destination of choice.

When you are dropped off, the bus driver will tell you where to go to pick up the bus to get back to your resort. There are also signs in case you forget.  Either way you find the number of the stop that corresponds to the resort that you are staying at.  The only confusing part of this process is that your resort does not have the same numbered stop at each Disney World Theme Park, so you have to check the information boards to make sure you have the right Bus Stop #.

Leave The Driving To Disney!
When you want to return to your resort, you go to the designated bus area and catch your bus back to your resort. They make the process very simple. There really is no need to drive once you arrive at your Disney World Resort Hotel.

The picture above shows a return stop at the Magic Kingdom.  The bus drop off & pick up point for the Magic Kingdom is much closer than where you can park.  It is a definite advantage to use the Disney Bus system when travelling to the Magic Kingdom.

Disney Bus Mastery
Never fear, you can easily master the Disney Bus system and take advantage of this free service that you are entitled to by staying at one of the Disney Resorts.

Although from time to time there can be extended waits, by the time you factor in parking and the extra walking that would would have to do, taking the Disney World Buses is usually the fastest way to get to the Disney Theme Parks.

You can also use the bus system to visit other Disney World Resort Hotels either for the purpose of dining at the various restaurants or just to explore.  You can either catch a bus to the desired resort hotel from one of the theme parks or from Downtown Disney.

Also remember you can always ask the bus driver if the bus is going where you are trying to go, or if he recommends catching a different bus to get to your desired location.

Lastly, if you are going to enjoy the Epcot Food & Wine Festival or enjoy some of the night time festivities, it is also nice to know that the bus is your designated driver.

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