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Muppet Mischief At Disney's Hollywood Studios

When visiting the Walt Disney World Resort you will find that there is so much to see beyond the official attractions.  One great example of this is the Stage 1 Company Store located next to the Muppet Vision 3D attraction in Disney's Hollywood Studios.

This Muppet merchandise location is almost an attraction itself, although you won't find it mentioned on your Hollywood Studios Park Guide.  This store is filled with a multitude of sight gags, which are the cornerstone of Muppet humor.

Like much of Hollywood Studios this store is designed to look like a back stage area.  In this case back stage for the Muppets!

Many of the gags are ones that can be appreciated by young and old, like this one with the sign that states "Keep Workspace Clean" next to the wall of dripping paint brushes.

One after another the gags are everywhere you look.  There is also a great collection of Muppet related merchandise.

Many of the signs are anonymous, but a few like these shown above are from known characters like "Rizzo."

If you enjoy the Muppet Show, and who doesn't, you will enjoy spending some time wandering around Stage 1 to read all of the signs and see the various sight gags and props.  Believe it or not, this is only a small fraction of all of the special details there is to see in this Muppet centered store.

This is certainly one of those unadvertised benefits that Disney World Guests receive for taking their time to check out all of the details in their surroundings.  For the theme park commando, these are some of the little things that you will miss out on.

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