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Jugglers Take The Stage At Disney's Boardwalk

Night Time At Disney's Boardwalk
When visiting the Walt Disney World Resort, one area to make sure you visit is Disney's Boardwalk.  This is a shopping and entertainment area situated between Epcot and Disney's Hollywood Studios and surrounded by the Boardwalk Inn & Villas, Disney's Swan & Dolphin Hotels, and the Yacht Club and Beach Club Resorts.

Disney's Boardwalk is a great place for a family to spend an evening enjoying the free entertainment. Each evening entertainers set up shop along the Boardwalk and crowds quickly form around them to watch them perform. Often they are talented jugglers, but they may perform magic tricks, balancing skills, or a variety of other original entertaining acts.

On a recent vacation evening I visited Disney's Boardwalk with my family and we were captivated by the performers.  We saw them juggle balls, clubs, bowling balls, machetes, & tennis rackets.  They were able to juggle the standard 3, then 4, and one even managed 5 items successfully.

They set up in two different areas along the Boardwalk and performed approximately 15 minute shows. That particular night 3 performers rotated, so that one was always performing, drawing the crowds back and forth along the Boardwalk.

Each of the performers were very talented and had their own unique style.  Although they all juggled, their routines were vastly different.  They each interacted with the audience, with shows that were definitely family friendly.
The one pictured above juggled while balancing a ladder on his head.  It was definitely unique.  Earlier in his act he did some simple magic tricks to draw the crowd in closer.
Here we see a demonstration of balancing skill while keeping a plate spinning on a stick in the performer's mouth.

Best Free Disney World Entertainment
Visiting Disney's Boardwalk at night may be the best FREE activity that there is at Disney World.  The atmosphere is relaxing and the entertainment is top notch.  It is never too crowded which makes the entertainment seem all the more special, because you are so close to the performers.

This is something that every family should include on their list of things to do on a Walt Disney World Vacation.

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