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Make An Intergalactic Phone Call In The Magic Kingdom

It's always fun to find something new.  It's even more fun when it is something that not everyone else knows about.

There are many unadvertised features to be found in the theme parks at Disney World.  Today we will look at one that can be found in Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom.

Once you have reached Tomorrowland, head to Rockettower Plaza near The Lunching Pad (which is underneath the Tomorrowland Transit Authority Entrance).  Here you will find a futuristic looking phone booth amongst the tables set up in the plaza.

The Metrophone is not your ordinary phone booth.  This is a very special phone brought to you by the GCN (Galactic Communications Network, in case you are not familiar with the GCN).

Here you can make calls "Toll Free from anywhere in the Galaxy."  To make a call just enter the Metrophone booth and press a number on the keypad.  You will then be connected to an amusing recording on the other end.  Try a few different ones while you are there!

Although you may not spend a lot of time at the Metrophone, it is probably one of the features of Tomorrowland that kind of blended in with the surroundings and you never even noticed that it was there.

Take the time during your next visit to impress your family by pointing it out and going over and making a few calls.  It will not only be fun for you and your family, it will increase your credibility as the family Disney World expert because you knew all about the Metrophone, one of the Hidden Secrets of Disney World.

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