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Holidays Around The World At Epcot Part III

When you visit Epcot and the World Showcase during the Christmas Season, you realize that not all of the countries in the world celebrate Christmas.  As part of Epcot's Holidays Around The World storytellers from each World Showcase pavilion relay some of their countriy's traditions whether it relates to Christmas or the celebration of the New Year.

Today we will look at 2 of the countries that have rich traditions for celebrating the New Year.

In Japan the storyteller is a Daruma Vendor.  The Daruma doll is an important symbol of the Japanese New Year and a good luck charm.

The Japanese New Year's celebration is called O-Shogatsu, which lasts from January 1st through January3rd. It is considered a time for reflection, family, friends, food, and fun!

The storyteller reveals that the Daruma doll has no pupils in its eyes.  During the O-Shogatsu celebration, you make a wish as you paint in the left pupil on your doll.  If the wish comes true before the end of the year you get to paint in the right pupil.

In China you will meet See how kong, the Monkey King.  Here he will tell his tall tale about the Chinese New Year.

As the story goes, he was a monkey raised by humans that single-handedly defeated a terrible monster.  He then gained incredible powers when he obtained a Magic Stick that had been guarded by the Dragon King.

He started to use his powers to look for adventure and mischief.  Buddha was not pleased with his abuse of his powers, so he decided to seal him in a mountain for eternity.

The Monkey King quickly realized the error of his ways.  Thang Seng believed that there was good in the Monkey King and asked Buddha to release him.  The Monkey King then joined Thang Seng on a journey to India to retrieve Buddha's original teaching tests.

The Monkey King proved to be a loyal comrade to Thang Seng on his journey.

Holidays Around The World
At Epcot's Holidays Around The World there are many great stories to be heard.  Take the time and learn about the wonderful traditions and celebrations that occur this time of year around the world.

Happy New Year!

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