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Disney World Dining - Epcot's Most Popular: Le Cellier Steakhouse

When it comes to dining at Walt Disney World and Epcot in particular no place has transformed its reputation more than Le Cellier.

Le Cellier started out as a cafeteria style restaurant when Epcot first opened and remained that way until 1997. I remember getting my first taste of the now famous Canadian Cheddar Cheese soup in the cafeteria version of Le Cellier in 1992.

Back in those days Le Cellier was the place that you went to when you couldn’t get reservations to eat anywhere else at Epcot. It was your last resort.

Today that could be any further from the truth. Le Cellier has transformed itself and its reputation and has become one of the best restaurants at the Walt Disney World Resort. It is certainly considered to be the best restaurant requiring only one Table Service Credit in order to eat there on the Disney Dining Plan.

Make your reservations WAAAAAY ahead of time!
Last minute reservations for Le Cellier are now unheard of. More likely, you will need to make your reservations as soon as the window of opportunity opens up.

That window is now 180 days prior to your Disney World vacation check-in date if you are staying at a Disney World Resort or 180 days prior to your dining date if you are staying elsewhere.  Reservations can either be made on-line or by calling (407) WDW-DINE.

What is all of the fuss about?
The atmosphere is more intimate than most at Disney World. The room is dimly lit, providing a more romantic atmosphere and makes it a favorite for celebrating anniversaries or adult birthdays.

The menu is not large, but has some excellent steaks and good seafood options as well.

Each meal starts off with their signature breadsticks, including Sourdough, Multi-grain, and Pretzel breadsticks.

For appetizers, I would highly recommend the Cheddar Cheese soup. If you are visiting for lunch, you can make a great meal out of the soup and a salad.

Steakhouse Entrees
For entrees their signature dish is the “Le Cellier” Mushroom Filet Mignon with wild mushroom risotto and finished with white truffle herb butter sauce. Also pictured here is the Salt Crusted Prime Rib with roasted Yukon gold potatoes.  Other steaks offered include: New York Strip Steak, Veal T-Bone, & Coffee-rubbed Kansas City Strip Steak.

For the seafood fan, the Canadian specialty is salmon. The dish pictured here is their King Salmon Two Ways - Pan Seared with Hoisin Barbeque and Citrus-poached with Coconut Soubise.
A great meal deserves a great dessert!

If you enjoy dessert you will not be disappointed at Le Cellier. Their house specialty is the Chocolate on Chocolate Whiskey Cake. It is a Chocolate Cake brushed with Canadian Whiskey with chocolate mousse, finished with a honey-thyme anglaise and a chocolate walnut sauce.

My daughter’s favorite is the Chocolate Mousse. This dessert is as tasty as it is fun.

Le Cellier is certainly worth the effort to make the early reservations. It is one of the best restaurants on the Disney World Property and is definitely the best value if you are on the Disney Dining Plan.

You can check out the official Le Cellier menus here: (Dinner, Dessert)

Treat yourself during your next Disney World vacation to a wonderful dining experience at Le Cellier.  From its humble beginnings as a last option cafeteria, Le Cellier is now the #1 place to dine at in Epcot.

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