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Disney World Hidden Secret At Disney's Hollywood Studios

When you visit the Walt Disney World Resort it is always fun to be "in the know" and find one of the many "Hidden Secrets" that exist within the four theme parks.

Today we will share one of the secrets in Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Located to the left of the entrance of the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular is a small scene that looks like a well under construction.  It has a sign posted that warns you to NOT pull the rope.

If you ignore the WARNING and go ahead and "Pull the Rope", you will be rewarded with a special surprise.  There will be voices from down in the well that respond each time you pull the rope.  Each time you pull the rope you will hear a different response.

This is a great opportunity to impress your family with your knowledge of the Disney World Parks by leading them to this area and having them pull the rope.  Encourage them to go against the rules and to ingore the WARNING sign to pull the rope.

It is a lot of fun and your family will consider you the Disney expert for knowing about this Hidden Disney World Secret.  This is an area that you will not find in your Disney World park map.  It is one of the special extras that is placed there for you to discover on your own.

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