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Episode 300 & The T-Shirt That Never Was

Today marks the 300th article posted on the Only WDWorld Blog.  Thanks to the folks at Blogger for counting them for me.  Instead of discussing the latest Disney World discount, parade, show, attraction, or Disney Dining Plan adventure, I will instead tell the story of "The T-Shirt That Never Was."

It all started with a new Only WDWorld logo that I asked my brother ( David Collins from http://www.grafik.com/) to help me create for the blog.  When creating a logo for a site that spends all of its time talking about the Walt Disney World Resort and boldly calls itself Only WDWorld, you need to have something that is instantly recognizable, yet unique.

This is a lot harder than it seems. I settled on creating a logo that takes the iconic figures from each of the 4 Disney World theme parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, & Animal Kingdom) and blends them with the Only WDWorld title.

After selecting pictures that I had taken of each of the icons and giving Dave a rough idea of what I was looking for, he created the logo you see above.

In my mind it was exactly what I was looking for: an image that makes you think of Disney World, but yet was presented in a manner that was unique from others that are in existence (including those from Disney World itself).

Time To Make A T-Shirt
With the new logo in hand and an upcoming family/research trip to the Walt Disney World Resort, I decided that I should design an Only WDWorld Blog T-shirt. Other Disney Fan Websites have them, so now that we have a “real” logo it was time for Only WDWorld to have an official T-shirt.

I took the logo to a popular on-line T-Shirt company and created the design for the shirt. I made one for each member of my family to proudly display during our upcoming Disney World trip.

Here is what the shirt would look like (courtesy of the cool T-Shirt making software from this firm):

I was thrilled with how the shirts were going to look and I placed and confirmed the order for the initial batch of Only WDWorld shirts for my family.

A day later I receive an email letting me know that my order had been CANCELLED.

CANCELLED? What do you mean cancelled?
It turns out that during their review of the artwork they felt that it was too close to Disney copyrighted material and they were therefore going to have to reject my order.

I corresponded with them, pleading my case to no avail. My steps to use original artwork based upon original photos did not help when pertaining to these iconic subjects.

Flash Forward
So that brings us to the present day, a few months after the fateful event.

We are back to the drawing board for creating a new Only WDWorld blog logo and we are still without a T-shirt design, except for the pictures of the “T-Shirt That Never Was.”  The quest continues to find a logo that fits the blog and is instantly recognizable as pertaining to Disney World

In the meantime, we will continue to be “Blogging About The Magic! We've reseached the milestone 300th post and we're still going strong.
… and hopefully someday you will be walking through Disney World and see people sporting “Only WDWorld” T-shirts.

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