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Off Kilter Makes Kilt Wearing Cool At Epcot

From the Merriam-Webster Dictionary:
Main Entry: off–kil·ter
Pronunciation: \-ˈkil-tər\
Function: adjective
1 : not in perfect balance : a bit askew
2 : eccentric, unconventional

Off Kilter is an appropriate name for the 5 Kilt Wearing Lads who play Celtic Rock music at Epcot's Canadian Pavilion in Disney World. They are anything but conventional.

Although the band is found in Canada along Epcot's World Showcase, none of the band members hail from there.

There is an international flavor to the band though as one member is from Ireland, another from Puerto Rico, and the rest are from  the United States.

The current line-up of the band includes:
  • Jamie Holton - "Founder", Singer and Bagpipe player extraordinaire.
  • Mark Weldon - "Co-Founder", Lead Singer, and Bass player.
  • Scotty Zymowski - Drummer
  • Tony Escapa - Keyboards
  • Randy Holbrook - Lead Guitar
Jamie is local to the Orlando area and started playing bagpipes when he was just 11.  When he was 20 he started working at Disney World playing in a traditional bagpipe trio in the parks.  He came up with an idea for a Celtic Rock Band and convinced Disney that it was a good idea.  They liked it, and he met Mark and put the band together.

Off Kilter is consistently a fan favorite at Epcot.  They play a blend of traditional Celtic songs that they have added a rock music edge to, a number of Rock songs that they have added a Celtic feel to, and some of their own original material.

In addition to their musical talent, they put on an entertaining live show.  They engage the audience and make it a fun experience.  As their kilted attire suggests, they don't take themselves too seriously and it contributes to the fun in their shows.

You Can Listen To Off Kilter at Home
For the Off Kilter fans, you can listen to Off Kilter from the comforts of your own home. They have released several CDs that are available, including:

Kick It!

The Live Tracks

Celtic Armadillo

Off Kilter

Etched In Stone

Off Kilter even has their own website: http://www1.offkilter.net/

Kilts For Everyone
Off Kilter is a must see part of every trip to Epcot.  I always check to make sure that we only visit Epcot on days that Off Kilter is perfoming.  If they are not a regular part of your Epcot visits, you need to check them out, and I'm certain that you too, will be adding them to your must see parts of your Disney World vacations.

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