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The Quest For The World Famous Tonga Toast at Disney World's Polynesian Resort

If you are a fan of the Walt Disney World Resort, the conversation will often turn to food.

Disney World is home to a wide variety of foods and many people have their favorites that they rave about.

Certainly the most talked about breakfast item in all of Disney World is the Polynesian Resort's Tonga Toast.

Until this past week, I had only heard about the famous Tonga Toast, but had never had the opportunity to taste it for myself.

During this most recent trip, I made it one of my family's goals to get to try the Tonga Toast one morning for breakfast.

On the morning that we were planning to go to the Magic Kingdom, we boarded a Disney Bus headed to the Magic Kingdom at about 8:15 am.

Once we arrived, we promptly headed for the Resort Monorail station and caught the next monorail. At the 3rd stop, we got off at Disney's Polynesian Resort. It is a beautiful resort that we would be visiting again later in the week to dine at 'Ohana, but this morning was all about the Tonga Toast.

There are actually two places at the Polynesian resort where you can get this famed breakfast item. You can go to the table service restaurant called Kona Cafe or you can also get it at the Quick Service location on the first floor of the resort called Captain Cook's.

We decided to use a couple of our Disney Dining Plan Quick Service credits and eat at Captain Cook's.

You order through a touch screen menu and then take your receipt to the cashier to pay. Here you receive a pager that will go off when your food is ready. There are tables available inside and outside. We choose the outside tables since it was still early morning and it wasn't too hot yet. Besides the scenery at the resort is beautiful.

Once we finally received our Tonga Toast it was a sight to behold. It was an extremely thick slice of sourdough bread that is stuffed with a layer of bananas and then deep fried and coated with cinnamon sugar. Then you add syrup and enjoy.

The pictures may not do it justice, but the Tonga Toast was probably over 3 inches thick and quite filling.

This was a wonderful treat that certainly lived up to all of the acclaim.

This little excursion to track down the famous Tonga Toast and try it for ourselves was the highlight of our morning and certainly one of the fun memories of our recent trip.

This is one Disney World experience that everyone should add to their list of things to do.

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