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Disney's Kim Possible World Showcase Adventures Is Definitely A Hit At Epcot

One of the newest activities to do when visiting Disney World is to check out the "Disney's Kim Possible World Showcase Adventures" at Epcot.

This interactive activity is geared towards kids, but I can confidently say first hand that it is fun for the whole family.

When visiting Epcot there are several stations throughout the park that allow you to sign up to participate in one of the Kim Possible missions. There are stations in each of the Innoventions buildings and another large station on the walkway between Future World and the World Showcase. There are several others located throughout the World Showcase.

Once you locate one, you will use your park ticket and run it through a scanner. You will then receive a ticket that looks similar to a FastPass that tells you a time and place to report to be able to start your mission.

The activity is free with your paid admission to Epcot.

If you are familiar with the Kim Possible characters it will help, but even if you aren't you will be able to follow along. The adventure currently consists of 7 different Kim Possible missions. Each mission will take you to a different World Showcase country.

Each mission takes between 30 - 60 minutes to complete. The more familiar you are with the layout of the World Showcase the quicker you will be able to discover the landmarks in the clues.

Once you complete one mission you may sign up for another if you wish.

You are given a special cell phone (aka Kimmunicator) that you will use to receive information and activate hidden clues throughout the World Showcase.

It is a cool use of the technology and it is fun to see the secrets revealed after you press a button on the phone when in the proper position.

Some of the hidden clues ranged from, a flag raising, smoke coming from a chimney, water streaming from a rock, a golf ball ejecting from a phone phone, talking statues, and much more.

We tried our first mission with a group of 4. That was probably too much for everyone to hear what is being said on the phone.

We later did two more missions where we broke up into groups of two and that worked much better.

This was very popular while we were there and everyone participating seemed to be having a good time. The groups ranged from adults with young children (4-6), adults with older children (10-12), and I even saw some teenagers and adults without children participating in missions.

This certainly added a new fun activity to do while touring the World Showcase. I think this especially appeals to those who are now getting to be too old for the Kidcot stations.

Disney World has a winner on its hands with this activity and I hope it looks to add other similar activities in the other theme parks.

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