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Check Out The Menus For The Disney World Table Service Restaurants Before Your Vacation

One of the keys to an enjoyable Walt Disney World Resort vacation is properly preparing ahead of time.

By taking the effort ahead of time to plan some basic elements of your trip, it can make the difference between a good vacation and the best one ever.

Dining at Disney World can be either one of the best or one of the most frustrating parts of your trip. Picking restaurants that you and your family will enjoy is an essential part of the planning process.

If you have never been to Disney World it is hard to know which restaurants your family will like. You can do research to get a feel for the atmosphere and type of food, but being able to actually look at the real restaurant menu ahead of time is a great benefit.

Disney World has now, for the first time ever, made their menus with pricing, available for the public to see.

You can go to the official Disney World website and click on Discover and then Dining. You will then be able to scroll through the list of over 100 Disney World restaurants and counter service dining locations throughout the resort.

More Convenient Method
The other option would be to go to Only WDWorld's Dining Page-Menus to see a list of Disney World Table Service Restaurants that Disney has posted menus for. Each link on this page is to the official Disney World menu in pdf file format. By linking directly to the Disney Menu files instead of copying them and listing them on this site, you are sure that you have the most up to date information, just in an easy to access format.

Note: This is a very new feature and not all menus have been added to Disney World's Website. As they are added additional inks will be created.

Use these menus to determine whether or not you see something that your family will enjoy.
If the food is not what you are looking for try one of the other Disney Restaurants.
It doesn't matter how many great reviews a restaurant gets, if your family doesn't care for the type of dishes that they serve.

This can also be a fun part of planning by letting the whole family look at the menus to decide what you would like to eat.

Once you have chosen the restaurants that you would like to eat at, you may either make reservations on-line (for directions:http://www.onlywdworld.com/2009/06/you-can-now-make-disney-world-dining.html ) or call Disney Dining at 407-934-DINE.

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  1. What a neat idea! I'll have to start picking our entrees (and desserts) for our upcoming trip!!

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