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Dino-Bite Snacks Is Home To The Best Disney World Snack

Anyone who has tried the Disney Dining Plan becomes obsessed with snacks.

What are my choices?
Should I use them or save them?
What are the best snacks to get?
Am I getting my money's worth?

Some of these questions were answered in the previous post: Disney Dining Dilemma - Maximizing the Snack Credits .

The absolute best Disney Dining Plan Snack Credit Item, according to Only WDWorld, comes from this unassuming little retro diner styled building in the Dinoland Section of the Animal Kingdom. It is called Dino-Bite Snacks.

Dino-Bite is home to the most incredible Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich that you have ever tasted. They start with your choice of fresh baked cookie type. Chocolate Chip and Sugar cookies are among our favorites. These are large (check out the picture), 6" or so diameter cookies. Then they add the 3 scoops of ice cream and complete the sandwich with another cookie.

The result is one wonderful snack that can certainly spoil your dinner.

Even if you are not on the Disney Dining plan this is a wonderful treat to try.

The next time you are in Disney World's Animal Kingdom and find yourself in Dinoland. Make your way over to the metal lined building with the Dino-Bite Snack sign and order one of these treats for yourself.


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