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You Want To Ride A Segway? You Can Do That At Disney World!

If you always thought that Segways looked cool and you’d love to take one for a spin, you can during your next vacation at the Walt Disney World Resort.

For those of you saying: What’s a Segway?

Here is a brief explanation:

The Segway Personal Transporter is a two-wheeled battery powered, transport machine that you ride while standing up. It utilizes high tech gyroscopes to mimic human balance and keep the machine stable and upright. The rider leans slightly in the direction that he wants to go and the machine moves accordingly. The Segway makes adjustments to balance the rider 100 times per second. It can reach speeds of up to 12.5 mph and go 24 miles on a single charge. This is the essence of high tech cool.

Disney World actually offers three different Segway experiences to choose from:

1. Around the World at Epcot: A two-hour guided tour around the World Showcase in Epcot before it is open to the general public for the day. You receive a fun initial training on how to use the Segway Personal Transporter and Proper Safety Equipment. Once you have learned how to navigate and negotiate different types of terrain your guide will lead you on a 1.3 mile tour of the World Showcase. Not only will you get to get to practice your new found skills, you will learn interesting facts and details about the 11 Epcot “Countries”. Cost is $95 per person

2. Simply Segway: This is a one hour indoor experience at the Epcot Innovations building learning how to operate the Seagway Personal Transporter. Cost is $35 per person.

3. Wilderness Back Trail Adventure: This two hour tour takes place “off-roading” at the Fort Wilderness Campground. Here you will use a Segway X2 Personal Transporter that is designed especially for off-road use. This tour also starts out with a training and safety portion before you head out on the trail for a guided expedition. Cost is $85 per person.

All 3 of these tours require that you are 16 years old or older. You can call (407) WDW-TOUR to make advance reservations. These tours do fill up fast, so making your reservations ahead of time is strongly recommended. Discounts are available if you are an Annual Passholder or a DVC member.

What are you waiting for?
So when you are ready to try something really different, remember that these three Segway based tours are available for you to try at Disney World. This certainly would be something that you would remember for a long time. It is also another way that Disney makes cutting edge technology available for you to experience.

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    So much for walking. No exercise needed. Wow! Looks like fun. I would have to try it at least once just to find out what it's like. Really cool. See what my Disney World vacation was like. Come over for videos, tips and more.

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