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Star Wars Weekends at Disney's Hollywood Studios - The Parade

As the 2009 version of Star Wars Weekends at Disney's Hollywood Studios approaches (May 22 - June 14), let's take a look at one of the highlights of each day: The Parade.

Each day a parade of the Star Wars Characters and distinguished guests is held. This parade is definitely not to be missed.

Even Mickey Mouse participates in Star Wars Weekends by transforming himself into Jedi Mickey.

If you are lucky you will be there on a day that the Florida 501st Garrison is there and marches along with the parade.

What is the 501st Garrison (http://www.501st.com/ )?

For the Star Wars fanatics there are groups around the world that create their own costumes and gather to celebrate the phenomena that is Star Wars.

The Florida Garrison (http://www.fl501st.com/ ) is very impressive and really adds to the parade. The people pictured here are not Disney Cast Members, but rather Star Wars fans who participate in the Star Wars Weekends each year. They design and make their own costumes based upon characters from the movies.

You can see the detail that they put into their costumes. Notice the dirt and stains added to make these Storm Troopers look like they've really been through some tough battles.

After the 501st Garrison then you will see all of your favorite Star Wars characters participate in the parade. You will see Wookies, Ewoks, Tuscan Raiders, Bounty Hunters, Droids, and don't forget the Evil Darth Vader or Darth Maul.

You will also see the guest stars for the weekend participating in the parade. This is a picture of Kenny Baker, better known as the actor who was inside R2D2.

It is always enjoyable to get to see all of these Star Wars Characters together at one time.

Later, most of these characters are available around the park for photo opportunities.

If you enjoyed the Star Wars movies, then you will not want to miss Stars Wars Weekends (Friday, Saturday, & Sunday) when you visit Walt Disney World this May - June.

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