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Main Street Electrical Parade Returns To The Magic Kingdom

The Main Street Electrical Parade has returned to the Magic Kingdom and it is better than ever!  It was last seen at Disney World in April of 2001.

The 2010 version of the Main Street Electrical Parade still has the familiar music based upon the synthesized "Baroque Hoedown," but it has added several new twists that improve this much loved classic Disney Attraction.

Main Street Electrical Parade
Pictures, Pictures, and more Pictures, 20 in all, are used to show off the 2010 version of the Main Street Electrical Parade.  The best way to describe the parade is to show you, so I am doing just that.  Enjoy the photos and hopefully you will get to see this wonderful parade in person sometime soon!

Tinker Bell Leads the Parade
The first change of the Main Street Electrical Parade comes right at the beginning with Tinker Bell leading the parade in a brand new float.  Also, as Tinker Bell shares her Pixie Dust you can see the effect make its way through the entire parade.

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse make their appearance in the parade on the train pulling the Disney's Electrical Parade sign.

Alice In Wonderland
Alice and other characters from the Alice in Wonderland book/movie make their appearance on several floats.  You will see Alice, the Cheshire Cat, and the Caterpillar.

Cinderella makes her appearance in her Royal Coach complete with Fairy Godmother.  In the floats following Cinderella's coach you will find Prince Charming and the Step-sisters.

Peter Pan
The story of Peter Pan is represented prominately in the parade.  You will see a float for Big Ben, a float of Captain Hook's ship complete with Captain Hook and Peter Pan, & a rowboat with Mr. Smee.

Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs
Dopey leads the way driving the mine carts filled to the brim with jewels.  Snow White follows on foot with some of the other dwarfs, and finally another float brings the remaining dwarfs.

You will see the toy who wishes he was a boy, Pinocchio on his own float.

Pete's Dragon
Finally Pete's Dragon brings up the rear of the parade with a very impressive smoke bellowing float.

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