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The Magic Is In The Details At Disney World's Animal Kingdom

For Disney World, the magic is in the details. Everywhere that you look there are a multitude of little details that you may never notice and take for granted that they are there.

The Disney Imagineers go to great lengths to not only create amusement parks and attractions, but rather a collection of stories to be told and unfold as you spend your day within the boundaries of their theme parks. The details make for a richer, more believable experience without standing out and distracting you.

The newest of the Disney World parks is no exception. Throughout Animal Kingdom you will see extensive theming built into even the most mundane of park features including walkways, signage and shopping areas.

For each of the shopping areas in the Discovery Island area of the park, you will notice an intricate collection of carvings permeating the buildings. Each one has a unique collection of animals that have something in common.

The pictures that are shown here are from the Creature Comforts shop. Here animals and insects that have stripes or spots are featured. You will see zebras, giraffes, cheetahs, tigers, bumblebees, and ladybugs amongst others.

This theme is seen both inside and outside the building. You will see them incorporated into the walls, ceilings, roof, columns, woodwork, light fixtures and more.

If you walk around the Animal Kingdom you will notice some of the other themes for the various shopping buildings. Some you may see are: Animals that migrate, Creatures that live in or near the water, and Animals that travel in herds. Visit Island Merchantile, Beastly Bazaars, and Disney Outfitters to see if you can figure out which theme goes with the collection of animals that you will see .

The next time you are at the Animal Kingdom take the time to slow down during your race to Expedition Everest or the Kilimanjaro Safari and notice the magical details that exist all around you. you may be surprised to notice how much there is to see that you never realized was there all along.

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