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Disney World Honors Greats on Main St.-Part I

Disney World has a very unique way of honoring the people that have meant so much to the development of the parks and Disney Corporation. They achieve their place of honor on a window on Main St. in the Magic Kingdom.

Today's window pays homage to Walt himself. This is one of two windows along Main St. that honors Walt.

This is the very first window on Main St. and is a reference to Walt's great love of trains. He is given the title of "Chief Engineer" for the Walt Disney Railroad.

Each of people that are honored in the windows along Main St., played an important part either in the development of Disney World or made a significant contribution to the Disney Corporation. You will find Disney Executives, Imagineers, Designers, and Artists.

As I mentioned the pictured window is one of two dedicated to Walter E. Disney. The other is located at the end of Main St. above the Plaza Restaurant. It is marked "Walt Disney, Master Classes in Design and Master Planning."

The tributes are arranged to be like credits in a movie with the director listed first and last. Make sure that you pay attention to the names on the windows the next time you walk down Main St. I will post a few more of the windows here on Only WDWorld and explain the significance of some of the names you may not readily recognize.

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