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Kid's Eye View - Epcot's Dragon Legend Acrobats

Hi, I’m back! This week I’m going to tell you about some free entertainment.

Have you ever been in Epcot and found that your feet are taking you to China?

Suddenly, you see a flash of color and a twirl of a Chinese streamer. Then an announcer’s voice boomed, “The youngest acrobats ever from China and it’s free to see” (or something like that). They call the act the “Dragon Legend Acrobats.”

Wow! You’ll think: Acrobats would be fun to watch. Soon you’ll be hypnotized with their outfits. Sometimes you will even think a girl is a swan, with her graceful movements.

Your heart will thump so loudly in amazement you might think that people in the real China could hear it. You’ll admit that their handstands and cartwheels and twists are magnificent.

Suddenly, when you think its over, the music has lowered, and the girls have gone. Then the boy acrobats come with jump ropes. Watch in amazement as they do double dutch, flips, and lift each other on their shoulders at the same time. Their bodies twist in every position possible to humans. These kids are strong and flexible.

Then it really is over. As you head on you think that was so good, I can’t believe it’s free!

That’s my Kid’s Eye View of Epcot’s Dragon Legend Acrobats. Enjoy this video from ru42 on YouTube showing the Dragon Legend Acrobats in action. See you next time!

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