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Disney World Honors Greats on Main St-Part II

Previously we discussed the two windows on the Magic Kingdom's Main Street that honor the memory of Walt Disney himself.

As you progress down the street, take care to notice the occupational descriptions of the people mentioned on the windows. These give clues to the true roles that these people played in the development of heritage of Disney World.

The window shown today pays homage to several executives of the Buena Vista Construction Company which was created to be the General Contractor for the original development of Disney World and the Magic Kingdom.

The people mentioned and their "roles" are: Bill Irwin - Field Calculations; Larry Reiser - Synchonizer; Pete Markham - Engineer; Francis Stanek - Prognostications; Dan Dingman - Reckoning.

These are some of the non-famous people that meant so much to the initial development of Disney World. You may not know them as household names, but Disney certainly deemed them worthy of being immortalized on Main St.

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