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Exploring The Magic Kingdom: Town Square - A Hidden Disney Secret Out In The Open

The original Walt Disney World Resort theme park, aka Magic Kingdom, has many areas to explore.  One area that you may be very familiar with, but never really noticed, may be the Town Square just within the entryway to the Magic Kingdom.

Setting The Stage For Family Fun

Like a classic Disney Movie the entrance to the Magic Kingdom sets the stage for a day where families can:
"Leave Today and Enter the World of Yesterday, Tomorrow, and Fantasy"

Main Street USA certainly fills the bill for the World of Yesterday and the Town Square is the Disney guest's introduction to this idealistic vision of small town America during the early 20th century.  The Town Square provides a central meeting point for people to gather, a train station, the City Hall, a Fire Station, Barber Shop, Restaurant, Theater, and Shops.

All of these well-themed locations filled with Disney details and often they are all overlooked because the Town Square also happens to frame the Disney World guests first glimpse of Cinderella Castle and provides the entrance way to the rest of the Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom Town Square Landmarks

The Town Square is filled with iconic landmarks.  Starting with the patriotic flag pole prominently positioned in the center of the square.  Each day before sunset a special flag retreat ceremony is held.

Pictured above is the Main Street Railroad Station.  The railroad is an important part of all of the Disney Magic Kingdom locations around the world and is the only official attraction (ride) that is located on Main Street.

The Town Square Theater is where you can find Mickey Mouse and have your picture taken with him.
Special Disney Insider Hidden Secret:
This is also currently also the only place at the Walt Disney World Resort where you can have a conversation with Mickey Mouse.

Tony's Town Square Restaurant is a Disney Table Service Restaurant that is themed according to The Lady and the Tramp and features Italian specialties.

The City Hall is where you can find Guest Services and get a special celebration button.

The Fire Station is where you can get signed up to play the FREE interactive Sorcerers of The Magic Kingdom game.  All guests who sign up get a pack of FREE collectible game cards to keep as a souvenir.

The Magic Kingdom also has a fully functioning barbershop located on Town Square.  Many a child has gotten their memorable first haircuts here.  They don't take reservations, so don't be surprised if there is a long line waiting out the door or prior to its opening.

The last landmark is the second most famous statue in the Magic Kingdom.  This one depicts Walt's brother Roy sitting on a bench with Minnie Mouse.

Character Greetings

Often you can meet Disney Characters in and around Town Square.  The characters change from day to day so you have to be on the lookout or consult a Disney Cast Member as to the schedule for the day.

Main Street Transportation

The last little known Disney World Hidden Secret about Town Square is that there a several special vehicles that you can ride up and down Main Street USA.  You are most likely to see them early in the day and during times when the park is less crowded.  There are signs around the Town Square where you may board the vehicles. ...and the best part is that they are FREE!

Don't Overlook The Town Square Ever Again!

Hopefully after you have read this article it has sparked your interest to pay closer attention to the Main Street Town Square and all it has to offer.  I have only scratched the surfaced on all there is to see and explore on and around the square.  Don't be afraid to slow down a little and check out the Town Square, even if that time is when you are heading on your way out of the Magic Kingdom!

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  1. Sydney says:

    Fantastic run down of Town Square! So many just race through this area of the park never taking the time to explore. I've always considered it under appreciated. One of my brothers had his first haircut in the Barber Shop and the certificate still hangs on his wall.

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