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Review Of The Wave At Disney's Contemporary Resort

Dining at Disney World can be as much of the experience as its Theme Parks for the frequent guests and the foodies.  Disney's Contemporary Resort on Disney World's famed monorail route is home to 3 great restaurants  Today Only WDWorld will review the least well known of the three: The Wave.

The Wave

Housed in the lowest level of Disney's Contemporary Resort is the often overlooked gem of a restaurant called The Wave.  Not far from the resort check-in desks you will see the tunnel-like entrance that descends into The Wave.

The restaurant embraces the resort's modern styling with metal and glass embellishments.  Despite its somewhat hidden nature, the restaurant is still popular with the Contemporary Resort Guests.  Although the contemporary and modern styling may not look like a family restaurant, it was certainly filled with families and became quite loud.

The biggest (and maybe only) drawback was the noise level here.  It was quite loud and that became a detractor for our meal here.  We were caught off-guard at how noisy it was here.  You expect it at Chef Mickey's, but not here.

The Menu

The Wave fashions its menu based upon local sustainable foods providing the freshest options for its guests to enjoy.  The above menus show what was available when we dined for this review, but the menu changes frequently.  There was an excellent variety of choices including, beef, seafood, chicken, lamb, and vegetarian options.

The Review

Here is our impression of the dishes that we sampled during our recent visit.

The meal starts with freshly made bread and salted butter.  The salted butter and bread was certainly above average across Disney Restaurants.

The gnocchi with shortribs was amazing.  It may not believable,but this was one of the best Disney World entrees ever.  After dining across a wide spectrum of Disney Restaurants I was caught of-guard by this dish.  It really ranks among the best that I have enjoyed at Disney World.

The lamb was highly recommended by our server and it did not disappoint.  It was pricey, but was thoroughly enjoyed.

The tenderloin was very good, but probably did not stand out amongst the other Tenderloins that you could get elsewhere at Disney World.

The daily catch was another very good dish that was thoroughly enjoyed.

The quality of the food really exceeded our expectations at The Wave  Although we should have high expectations for a restaurant at a Walt Disney World Deluxe Resort we still were impressed by our meals here.

On the other end of the spectrum we were underwhelmed by the atmosphere and the overall restaurant noise.  This was certainly not the best dining experience.

Summary - The Wave Review

The Wave delivers incredible food across their entire menu that makes it a restaurant worthy of putting on your list of places to dine.  The so-so atmosphere and excessive noise may remove it from your "Date Night" option, but certainly keep it on the upscale family plae to dine.  This is certainly a great place to use a Disney Dining Plan Table Service Credit!

As a bonus, make sure you find the famous 5-Legged Goat that is hidden in Disney's Contemporary Resort murals that surround its main concourse.

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