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Dumbo The Flying Elephant - Inspiring Your Inner Child

Guests of the Walt Disney World Resort look for the magical escape to a world where even adults can let their inner child have fun.  There may be no better example of this than on the Dumbo The Flying Elephant Attraction.

Dumbo The Flying Elephant

This classic Magic Kingdom attraction is actually one that was not only moved from its original Fantasyland location, but it was also transformed from a single unit to a double set of rotating Dumbos, thereby allowing more guests to enjoy this fantastic Disney escape.

New Fantasyland Attraction

The new "Double" Dumbo attraction can now be found as part of the Storybook Circus area of the Magic Kingdom.  As an additional benefit, the new Dumbo attraction has a special Circus Tent queue that gives younger guests the opportunity to play under the big top while they are waiting in line.

You can't help but smile when you gaze at Dumbo on this attraction.  The added water features brings out the playful qualities of this favorite flying pachyderm.  

Can't you just picture yourself flying along with this ever smiling elephant?

When it comes to pure childish joy at Disney World, it is hard to match the feeling that your inner child gets when soaring through the air on the Dumbo attraction.  As popular as the original attraction was, this new incarnation is even better!

Your visit to Disney World and the Magic Kingdom is not complete if you do not ride the Dumbo - The Flying Elephant attraction!

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