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Maleficent Amazes Crowd At Festival of Fantasy Parade

The new 3:00pm parade at the Magic Kingdom is a Must Do for anyone planning an upcoming Disney World Vacation.  The floats are spectacular, costumes are wonderful, but I have to admit that Maleficent absolutely stole the show!

Maleficent at Festival Of Fantasy Parade

Maleficent Unleashed!

During the Festival Of Fantasy Parade, Disney World Guests will witness a Steampunk interpretation of the dragon form of Maleficent that will take your breath away.

Maleficent Takes Magic Kingdom
It is hard to imagine a more breathtaking rendition of Maleficent.  The gears and  mechanized movements create a captivating image that forces you to take it in.  You no longer can remember what proceeded it in the parade and you only hope to catch a glimpse of one of its fire breathing exploits.

Almost equally amazing are the Disney Cast members that are in costume to escort this fire breathing menace through the parade route. The detail is exquisite and the results are captivating!

The sheer size of Maleficent is part of the appeal.  She towers above the street level and gets your attention.  She is in stark contrast to the fair Disney Princesses that have proceeded her and this villain demands that you pay her respect and give her your undivided attention.

Share Your Impressions Of Maleficent!

Please share your reactions and impressions of seeing this amazing interpretation of Maleficent in the Festival Of Fantasy Parade in the comments!

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