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Disney World Top 6 Money Saving Tips

A Walt Disney World Resort Vacation may not be cheap, but there are many ways to save money and get the most Disney Magic while sticking to your vacation budget.  This installment of the Disney World Top 6 series from Only WDWorld brings you the best ways to save money on your vacation without feeling cheap.

Disney World Top 6: Money Saving Tips

The tips you will find here are not about being the most frugal person at Disney World, but rather how do you take the vacation you want, while saving money in the process.

6. Use Disney's Magical Express Service

Take advantage of this FREE service that not only transports you from the Orlando International Airport (MCO) to your Disney Resort and back, but it also handles picking up your bags from baggage claim and delivers them directly to your room.  If you really want a rental car, rent from one of the on-site options and only rent for the days you plan to leave the Disney World Property.  Savings for a family of 4 > $150.

5. Stick To The 4 Main Theme Parks

Although the Water Parks at Disney World are a lot of fun, your best bet is to not pay the extra $60 per son ($63.90 w/tax) to visit the water parks when adding an extra day of theme park visitation will cost approximately $10 per person.  For a family of 4 the savings is over $200.

4. Don't Purchase The Park Hopper

Another favorite option to purchase, but for many it is not necessary.  You would be better served using the money that you would have spent on the Park Hopper on upgrading your Resort or your Dining options.  Savings for family of 4 = $250.

3. Plan to stay 5-7 Days

Disney World has a tiered pricing structure for their Magic Your Way theme park tickets and it is geared towards benefiting guests who stay 5 or more days.  You are much better off taking less frequent, but longer trips than several short trips.  The cost per day for tickets is now over $100 (including tax) for single day and two day tickets.  The cost per day for 3 days is still $97.27.  At 5 days it goes down to $64.75 (w/tax) per day and at 7 days it is only $49.29 (w/tax) per day.  One 6 day stay versus two 3 day stays would save a family of 4 over $950.

2. Take advantage of Disney World Promotions

A smart shopper knows to look for a sale.  Your Disney World Vacation is no different.  Watching for discounts can save you anywhere from 20% - 35% off the rack rate for your Disney Resort Room.  Over the length of a 6 night stay that can add up to around $160 - $600 depending upon the Resort Category and season.  The FREE Disney Dining Promotion can save a family of 4 over $900 on a 6 night vacation in a Moderate or higher class resort

1. Travel During Off-Seasons

The Disney World Resort Hotels have prices that vary almost 50% from off-season to peak times.  By choosing to travel in January (except MLK weekend) or August through early September you can take advantage of Disney's lowest rates and they typically discount heavily on top of the low starting rates.  For a 6 night stay a family can save from $600 - $1,400 just off the rack rate and usually add additional Promotional savings on top!

Save Money Without Sacrificing Your Vacation!

When it comes to your Disney World Vacation, you want it to be about magical memories and not how you needed to eat peanut butter & jelly sandwiches to be able to afford to get there.  By following these suggestions and making smart choices, you can reduce the cost it takes to have a wonderful Disney Vacation without being overly frugal.

If the thought of figuring out how to do this on your own is overwhelming, consider getting a Travel Agent that specializes in Disney World travel to help you with the planning process.

For a free quote and planning help for your Disney Vacation contact the experts at Only WDWorld Travel:

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