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Firsthand Look At Disney's Art Of Animation Resort

Disney's newest resort hotel, Disney's Art Of Animation Resort, is now open for business!  This welcomed addition to the Disney World Value Resort lineup brings 4 classic Disney and Pixar animation movies to life in this beautiful resort.

Disney's Art Of Animation Resort
The resort is divided into four sections with the first two now opened and the others opening later this year as they are completed.  Each section corresponds with a different movie.  Currently open are Finding Nemo and Cars sections, while The Lion King and The Little Mermaid are still under final stages of construction.

Visually stunning is one way to describe this resort.  If you like Disney's Pop Century then you will absolutely love this new resort hotel.  This is the first Disney World resort to be so closely tied to the Disney movies and characters.

From the moment you enter the lobby to the main building, called Animation Hall, you notice the wonderful colors and familiar images from these classic movies.

The food court, called Landscape Of Flavors is worth exploring even if you weren't hungry.  Each of the four movies has its own sections including sketches and images.

The food in the food court also bears inspection as many of the items that are available go well beyond the ordinary with a selection of Tandori style foods and a burger grill that has a multitude of great looking burgers that will tempt your taste buds.

Finding Nemo Section
The first section to open was the Finding Nemo section which is devoted to your favorite characters in this classic tale of a father and son and their struggles to overcome their fears in order to be reunited.

The pool section blew us away when we saw it.  Everything has been created so that the guest is "Nemo sized" and sees the world from his perspective.  All of the guest rooms in this section are elaborately themed Family Suites that can accommodate up to 6 people.  This is great for those that have struggled to find a place to stay with families of 5 or 6.

Cars Section
The second section to open was the Cars themed section.  This opened on June 16th.  The pictures shown were taken 2 days prior to opening, as final preparations were being made.  This section is also exclusively made up of family suite configured rooms.  Cars fans will love the theming that they will discover here.

The Lion King Section
We also saw a glimpse of the theming for The Lion King section.  It will not disappoint when it is finished.  I love the use of trees in the common area.  This section also will be exclusively made up of family suite configured rooms.  When completed Disney's Art Of Animation Resort will have over 1,100 family suites.

The Little Mermaid Section
The last section to be completed will be the Little Mermaid section.  This section will be made up of over 800 "normal" sized hotel rooms with The Little Mermaid theming at prices comparable to Disney's other Value Resorts.

Disney World Value Resorts
Disney's Art Of Animation Resort is a great new addition to the Disney World Value Resort lineup including: All-Star Sports, All-Star Movies, All-Star Music, & Disney's Pop Century Resorts.  This will add over 2,000 additional value priced rooms and suites with the focus on creating more family suites.

The resort is beautiful and should definitely be on your list to consider when you are planning your next Walt Disney World Vacation.

This article originally appeared on the Only WDWorld Blog.

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