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Disney's Animal Kingdom Puts Details At Your Feet

The Disney World Imagineers do some of their best storytelling at Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park.  Some of the best details that they have created are ones that you never really notice, but add so much to the fullness of the story that they are telling.  Without these added touches the stories are not as believable and complete.

Details At Your Feet
One such example of this amazing detailing can be found in Chester & Hester's Dino-Rama.  This area pays homage to classic roadside attractions that could be found along Route 66.

Disney Imagineers paid special attention to the details of the surfaces that you walk on and see in this area.  To start with they have created part of the walkway to look like a two-lane highway, complete with blacktop and road striping.

The Dino-Rama area is filled with carnival games.  To further the illusion and story the area has been made to look like a re-purposed parking lot.  The surface was aged with cracks and the striping of a parking lot is evident throughout.

The level of detail is taken way beyond the ordinary.  In order to "sell" the story that they were creating, the Imagineers went to the next level to create the details that you see in these pictures.  It is truly amazing that they went to these lengths to tell their story.

Odds are you may have walked through this part of Disney's Animal Kingdom dozens of times and never noticed the parking lot striping or realized why it was there.  It was put there not to be noticed, but to help make all of the other elements of the area come together for the story.

Take the time to look around during your next Disney World Vacation and notice some of the wonderful details that exist in the Disney theme Parks.  You may be surprised at what you find when you start really looking.

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  1. This is amazing. I never knew that. Now I can share it w/ the kids.

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