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Disney World Salutes Hollywood Classic Movies With Min & Bill's Dockside Diner

At Disney's Hollywood Studios, theme park guests will find themselves surrounded with an unbelievable amount of tributes to Hollywood, California and the legendary movies that have been created there.

Min and Bill
For those of you not familiar with the 1930 film, Min and Bill, it revolves around Min Divot, who owns a dockside inn and her fisherman husband Bill.  The movie starred Marie Dressler and Walter Beery.  It also led to Dressler winning the Academy Award for Best Actress in 1931 for her performance. 

Min and Bill was a Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) production and it makes sense that you may see it included at Disney's Hollywood Studios since the theme park was originally called Disney-MGM Studios due to the licensing agreement that Disney had with MGM.
Min & Bill's Dockside Diner
At Disney's Hollywood Studios, Min & Bill's Dockside Diner can be found along the shores of Echo Lake in the shape of Bill's fishing trawler, tying in to the theme of the movie.  Although the Diner does not float, it appears to be a complete boat from all angles.  The boat is given the clever name "S.S. Down The Hatch" using the nautical references to tie to the fact that you can purchase food here.

 Disney Imagineers also used the architectural style that was popular in the 1930's around Hollywood called "California Crazy" in the design of this diner.  Buildings like these were very popular and were designed to instantly catch a customer's eye and make a lasting impression.

Secret Tribute To Hollywood Classic Movies
Besides the obvious tribute to the classic film Min and Bill, Disney also decided to "hide" references to several other Hollywood Classic Movies in this area.  If you notice the crates that appear at first glance to just be dockside props, they each have special addresses on them that are worth noticing.

The above crate is addressed to George Bailey of Bedford Falls, New York and was sent from Wainwright Enterprises.  Jimmy Stewart fans will quickly recognize this reference to "It's A Wonderful Life."

This crate is addressed to none other than Scarlet O'Hara at the Tara Plantation.  Certainly you recognize this reference to "Gone With The Wind."

This classic film may be harder for some, but Orson Welles fans will recognize that Charles Foster Kane receiving a package from the "Rosebud Sled Company" refers to "Citizen Kane."

Max Bialystock is the intended recipient of this crate.  Musical fans will instantly recognize this a crate that pays homage to "The Producers."

The last crate is addressed to Rick's American Cafe in Casablanca, Morocco that is gives away the title of this well known Humphrey Bogart classic "Casablanca" that is also referenced with an entire scene in "The Great Movie Ride." 
Hollywood References Abound
Throughout Disney's Hollywood Studios there is a tremendous amount of references to Hollywood for those with a sharp eye.  Min & Bill's Dockside Diner is a great example of how a Disney theme park snack stand can be so much more than a place to get a bite to eat.

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