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Fantasyland Construction Update At Disney World

Work continues on the new attractions slated to open in phases starting in 2012 in Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom.  Each month there is more to see as the buildings and structures now are taking shape and beginning to look like the drawings and renderings that have been shared by Disney.

Magic Kingdom Fantasyland Expansion
Perhaps it is best to start with a drawing of what the expanded Fantasyland will look like, so that the buildings under construction make more sense.

On the left most side of the drawing which would be next to Pinocchio Village Haus
 is Maurice's Workshop  as part of the "Enchanted Tales With Belle" storybook adventure.

In this closer view, Maurice's Workshop is the building with the currently yellow chimney.  The French cottage inspired building is where the attraction with Belle begins.  After entering the cottage guests will step through a magic mirror and find themselves inside Beast's Library.  In the library Disney World guests will interact with Belle with some help from Lumiere.

From the above view you can see how close this attraction is to the Pinocchio Village Haus.

Nearby is Beast's Castle which already has the features at the top in place.

The castle is positioned on top of a mountain, so Disney Imagineers have used forced perspective to make it appear to be much further away than it really is.  The bird perched on the right hand side betrays the illusion and shows the true scale of the building.

Under The Sea ~ Journey Of The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid Attraction is well underway.  The two pictures above and one below show a glimpse of the progress made thus far on the show building.

Storybook Circus

In the location of the former Mickey's Toontown Fair, the Storybook Circus area based upon the Disney Animated Classic "Dumbo" is also under construction.

The building shown above is part of where the new Double Dumbo The Flying Elephant attraction will be housed.

Wait Impatiently For 2012
Magic Kingdom fans will need to wait until 2012 until these new Fantasyland attractions will start to open.  Tentative opening dates have not been announced yet, but it has been declared that the attractions will open in phases and not all at once.

Stayed tuned to Only WDWorld for updates and news regarding the Fantasyland Expansion and opening days for the attractions as they become available.

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