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Disney World Resort Rooms Fit For A Princess (Or A Pirate)

At the Walt Disney World Resort they never stop looking for ways to "Plus" (as Walt Disney himself used to say) an attraction.  This philosophy has extended to their already beautifully themed Resort Hotels. At Disney's Port Orleans - Riverside Resort the Disney Imagineers are busy creating newly themed rooms "Fit for a Princess."

Disney World Royal Guest Rooms
Starting in March 2012 there will be 512 Royal Guest Rooms available at Disney's Port Orleans Riverside Resort that will indulge your own Royal Family.  This Disney Moderate Resort is creating these special rooms because Princess Tiana ("The Princess and The Frog") has invited some of her fellow Disney Princesses, like Belle ("Beauty and the Beast"), Jasmine ("Aladdin") and more for a vacation getaway and not just any room will do. 

As pictured above, each room will include beds with ornate headboards featuring fiber-optic special effects, and gold and crystal accents. Guests also can enjoy artwork and special mementos left by Tiana’s royal friends.  This will certainly delight the Princess (or Prince) in your family while still fitting into your vacation budget.

Disney World Pirate Themed RoomsIf you are excited to stay in a specially themed room you don't have to wait until 2012, all you have to do is head over to Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort Hotel, another of the Disney Moderate Resorts.  Here you can stay in one of the Pirate Themed Rooms that are currently available for Disney World Guests.  As pictured above, you can stay in a room with pirate ship themed beds and additional effects that are sure to please your pirate loving crew. 

Great Theming At Disney Moderate Resort Pricing
Typically the Pirate Themed Room ($184 per night in Value Season) will cost only $30 more per night over a normal Caribbean Beach Resort Room.  This is a great way to add a really special element to your vacation and still save hundreds of dollars versus staying at one of Disney's Deluxe Resorts.

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