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Disney World Top 6 Attraction Vehicles

Disney World is known for its innovative, story-laden attractions.  In this Disney World Top 6 we take a look at the best ride vehicles that are part of these memorable attractions.

To find the Top 6 Disney World Attraction Vehicles we looked at a number of design elements and "coolness" factors to come up with a worthy Top 6.  Disney Imagineers truly have gone "outside of the box" to create these vehicles often resulting in patents for the newly invented technology.

Disney World Top 6 Attraction Vehicles

6. Peter Pan's Flight
As one of the original Magic Kingdom attractions Peter Pan's Flight makes the Top 6 for its innovative approach to simulate flying by suspending the ride vehicle from a rail above to allow an unencumbered view of the scenes below.  The effect works so well that Peter Pan's Flight continues to have incredibly long lines after nearly 40 years of operation. 

Guests enjoy the charm of having their own sailing ship to traverse the skies in Peter Pan fashion.  Although the ship itself is not high tech, the way it immerses you into the story of Peter Pan more than explains why this made our list.

5. PeopleMover (TTA)
An innovative method of transport was developed to propel the ride vehicles on the PeopleMover (aka Tomorrowland Transit Authority or WEDway PeopleMover.)  The linear synchronous motors use a series of magnets to move the vehicles throughout this tour over Tomorrowland in the Magic Kingdom.

Achieving a top speed of 7 mph the PeopleMover makes the list of Top Attraction Vehicles because Walt Disney himself was enamoured with transporting people efficiently and figuring out how to incorporate this into his Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow (EPCOT).  Although the technology has not seen widespread public adoption outside of Disney Theme Parks, we applaud the forward thinking and innovation for people transport.

4. Ellen's Energy Adventure
The massive 97-passenger vehicles that are used for the Ellen's Energy Adventure located within the Universe Of Energy Pavilion at Epcot set a new standard in terms of redefining what a ride vehicle can look like.  The massive theater that the attraction starts in contains 6 of these "super" cars that not only serve as theater seats, but take you on a journey through dinosaur times.  Truly remarkable.  To top it off, Disney uses the 80,000 solar cells that are located on the roof of the Pavilion to help power the battery operated vehicles.

3. Test Track
When you board the ride vehicle at Test Track in Epcot, you are not getting inside a mere car.  This state of the art vehicle starts with a chassis made entirely of composite materials. That means you won't find any steel between the front and rear wheels holding this vehicle together.  It can generate 250 horsepower (which is more than more people's cars) and will reach a top speed of 65 mph during the attraction, making it Disney World's fastest.

The most amazing part of the Test Track ride vehicles is the built in computing power.  Each vehicle contains three on-board  computers that combine to have more processing power than you will find aboard the Space Shuttle.

2. Dinosaur!
The dynamic ride vehicle in Dinosaur! contains Disney patented technology to provide a ride experience that you can't get outside of a Disney Theme Park.  The ride vehicle is combination car and simulator.  Although the base of the vehicle and its wheels may be traveling along a flat path, the passengers get the sensation that they are passing over rough terrain, up hills and down slopes.  This occurs thanks to the 6-Axis movement capability of the simulator/passenger section of the vehicle that mounts to the base.

The motion sequence is totally programmable, meaning that the ride experience could be randomized and changed from ride to ride to provide a unique thrill each time you experience this attraction.

1. Soarin'
A Disney Imagineer came up with the initial concept for the Soarin' ride vehicle playing with an Erector set at home.  The final product is nothing short of amazing.  Disney Imagineers have come up with a ride that simulates the feeling of being on a Hang Glider in a manner that appeals to all ages and without being scary.

This is a ride that Disney World Guests, young and old, cannot get enough of.  The experience is so amazing that you want to ride again and again.  Much of this is owed to the incredible ride vehicle that creates a three-tiered giant hang glider to carry the guests through the flight over California's greatest landmarks.

It is truly a marvel of engineering skill and is just as cool to look at as it is to ride.  The ability to make you feel the turns and believe you are truly Soarin' makes this the Top Disney World Attraction Vehicle!

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