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Mickey's Toontown Fair At Disney World's Magic Kingdom

Mickey's Toontown Fair will celebrate its last day at Disney World's Magic Kingdom on February 11, 2011.  After that day it will be closed for good to make room for the new Fantasyland Expansion.  We decided to take a nostalgic walk through Mickey's Toontown Fair to document how it stood and the memories we have enjoyed.

History Of The Magic Kingdom's 7th Land
In 1988 Mickey's Birthdayland was erected as a temporary location to celebrate Mickey Mouse's 60th birthday.  The response was so positive that when Mickey's birthday celebration was over it was transformed into a more permanent land and renamed "Mickey's Starland."

In 1996 the area was redone again with it now being called the current name of Mickey's Toontown Fair.  This became the land to meet every one's favorite Disney character - Mickey Mouse.  The entire land was friendly for Disney World's youngest guests.  Not only could you meet Mickey Mouse and your favorite Disney Princess, you could also ride a Roller Coaster that was sized just right for pre-schoolers.

Mickey's Toontown Fair
As you exit Fantasyland and enter Mickey's Toontown Fair the first landmark that you happen upon is Pete's Garage.  Many of you may remember Pete from his appearance in many Disney cartoons.  Pate's Garage also doubles as the land's RestRooms which was a necessity for any parents with young children.

Across the walkway you would find Pete's Paint Shop, where you and/or your child could have their face painted.  The automotive repair them was maintained on all of the props in this area.

The next landmark is the only ride in Mickey's Toontown Fair, also known as, Goofy's Barnstormer On Wiseacre's Farm.  This child sized roller coaster has given many a youngster their first taste of roller coasters and set up that yearning for a future ride on Space Mountain.

Fortunately, Goofy's Barnstormer will survive the changes to the land with a new theme, but the roller coaster will re-opn again.  So don't fear if you have a child that was looking forward to riding, it will return.
In front of Goofy's Barnstormer you will find WACKY Radio with Red Barns - "The Rowdiest Rooster On Radio."  WACKY Radio plays "ALL Country - All The Toon."

Once you have enjoyed the Roller Coaster it is time to visit Minnie's Cottage.  Inside Minnie's Cottage you will find an unbelievable amount of items and detail (to be covered in another article).  The inside is certainly ALL-Minnie.  Children and adults will enjoy touring her home and finding the surprising interactive items.

Across the street you will find Donald's Boat.  This is a playground for young children disguised as a boat.  Kids have a great time playing and climbing all over this most unusual boat.

If you are ready for a snack you can get something at the Toontown Farmers Market.

The redesigned Fantasyland is expected to have a train stop, but the theming will change.  In the interim the Mickey's Towntown Fair Train Station will be closed.

Across from the Train Station you will find the largest structure in Mickey's Toontown Fair: the Toontown Fair Tent with Cornelius Coot's County Bounty and the Hall Of Fame. 

This statue of Cornelius Coot has the following inscription:
This is old Cornelius Coot
Who Turned His Corn Crop Into Loot
And Founded Mickey's Toontown Fair
To him we dedicate this square

The last stop in Mickey's Toontown Fair is Mickey Mouse's House.  Inside you will find Mickey's favorite things and like Minnie's House, it abounds with numerous sight gags that make it worth the time to explore.

Farewell Mickey's Toontown Fair
After February 11th this part of Disney World will never be the same again.  As we all look forward what the future Fantasyland expansion brings, we will miss the only part of Disney World that was really dedicated to Mickey Mouse.

As a parent who watched my children grow up and enjoy this land as a toddlers and young children, I hope that there will continue to be areas like this at Disney World where the youngest among us can feel like it is their special part of Disney World.

4 comments to "Mickey's Toontown Fair At Disney World's Magic Kingdom"

  1. agravette says:

    oh my gosh, this post made me almost cry! i absolutely love mickey's toon town fair. now that my kids will soon be 10 and 15, they are not so into it, but i'll always remember the oldest's first walk through mickey's house. i feel so old!!! i, too, am excited about the new fantasyland expansion, but a little part of my will always be sad that toontown had to go...

  2. Kelly says:

    I too am very sad about losing such an important park of Magic Kingdom...but I trust that Disney will work magic in the new area.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Oh man, I am visiting for the first time with my 3 year old on March 20th 2011 and was so excited to take him here! He loves Mickey Mouse...this is sad! I hope there is plenty more for him to enjoy!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    So sad! I'm going with my 4 year (almost 5) granddaughter's first Disney trip. It'll be this summer. I've been looking forward to it since the day she was born. She has seen the pics of Mickey and Minnie homes many times and was really excited about seeing them!

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