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Magic Kingdom Haunted Mansion Interactive Queue

The Haunted Mansion at Disney World has had it's queue area under construction for quite some time and Disney now is revealing what they have been working on.

Interactive Queue
Throughout Disney World there have been projects aimed at improving the experience for Disney World guests while they are waiting in line.  The first notable change occured in Epcot to the Soarin' attraction where interactive games were added for guests in the standy-by lines.

Much time went by and then during the Space Mountain refurbishment there was a major change to it's queue to include video monitors with an interactive game that could be played in short intervals and then you played more as you moved along in the line.

Next to receive the improved queue was The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh.  This area was aimed at the younger Disney World guests and it has been very well received.

Fear Of Change
The latest to receive an updated, interactive queue is the Haunted Mansion at the Magic Kingdom.  Whenever a classic Disney attraction is changed there is always some fear that your favorite part shall be removed and the attraction won't have that same charm any more.

The same concerns have come out concerning the Haunted Mansion queue.  Many people looked forward to seeing the classic tombstones that held humerous epitaths that also paid respect to many of the key Disney Imagineers that created the attraction.

From the video shown below it appears that some of the "old" has been mixed in with some of the "new."  Time will tell how well the new queue is received, but I think that this addition will definitely "plus" the attraction.

Enjoy the video from Disney Parks and leave a comment as to your impression of the changes.

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