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Disney World Halloween Tradition: Mickey's "Boo To You" Halloween Parade

Each year as Halloween approaches Disney World celebrates in a "not so scary" manner that is suitable for all ages.  Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party takes place in the Magic Kingdom during select nights from mid-September through Halloween.  One of the highlights of this party is Mickey's "Boo To You" Halloween Parade.

Mickey's "Boo To You" Halloween Parade
The "Boo To You" parade is presented twice each evening during Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party.  Unfortunately you will not be able to see this special Halloween themed parade unless you attend this hard ticket (separate admission) event.

The parade begins with a ride through the streets of the Magic Kingdom by the Headless Horseman.  His appearance will certainly get your attention as he follows the parade route from Frontierland to Town Square.  As you can see from the picture above he looks quite authentic as his horse gallops by.
The parade itself is a combination of the fun and the spooky, but never gruesome or gory.  You will see many of your favorite Disney Characters dressed up in their Halloween costumes.  The Disney Villains always just dress up as themselves.

You will find Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck, and Donald Duck on the first float in the parade.  Their float looks like a gazebo decorated for Fall.

Next you will see Winnie the Pooh and friends followed by Rabbit, Kanga & Roo along with the Tree from the Hundred Acre Woods  float.

Peter Pan and the Lost Boys travel by foot, but Captain Hook travels in style on his pirate ship.

Dancing pirates are followed by this Pirates of The Caribbean inspired float.

One of the most impressive parts of this parade are all of the dancing performers that appear between the floats.  Here, in a tribute to the Haunted Mansion, is a crew of grave diggers that put on a great show.

The first of two floats dedicated to the Haunted Mansion pays tribute to the gravestones that are featured just before you enter.  On the float is a re-creation of the tombstones for Master Gracey and Madame Leota.

These dancers that re-create the ballroom scene from the Haunted Mansion also did a great job.  I was also reminded of Michael Jackson's Thriller video when I saw them.

The last tribute to the Haunted Mansion is a float that has the three famous hitch hiking ghosts.  This was a really clever idea that looked great.

Not to be forgotten the Country Bears had a float and played some music to lighten the mood.

Who doesn't love Chip 'n Dale?  They have to be the most frequently seen Disney Characters at Disney World.  They are everywhere!  (Trivia Tip: Chip is the one with the black nose!)

This ghoulish band looked great as it was time for some Disney Villains to make their appearance.
No Halloween parade would be complete without Maleficent! (Readers of The Kingdom Keepers series know that she is the Disney Villain to watch out for!)

Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who's the fairest of them all?  Certainly not the hyenas.

Since Goofy's Candy Company appears to be the official sponsor and candy provider for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party (MNSSHP) there has to be a float with Goofy and his candy making machine.  The back side shows all sorts of contraptions and the air full of bubbles as it goes by.

Mickey's "Boo To You" Halloween Parade is certainly the highlight of MNSSHP.  You get to see many, many Disney Characters, tributes to classic Disney World Attractions like the Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean, and great performers in spectacular costumes.  The one part of the parade that isn't captured in the pictures is the great music.  The music sets the mood and will leave you singing along well after the parade has gone by.

Although Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party is an expensive event that requires a separate ticket, I would still recommend that Disney World fans plan on attending at least once.  This really is a different Magic Kingdom experience that is a lot of fun.  Plan on dressing up in costume, no matter how old you are.  That is part of the fun of being at Disney World - you are allowed to be a kid again!


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