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Let The Memories Begin At Disney Parks in 2011

Disney Parks has announced that for 2011 the theme will be "Let The Memories Begin."  There will be a new approach with making the Disney Park guests the star of the show!

According to the Disney Parks Blog:

As you just learned during our live coverage out of New York City, Disney Parks has officially launched “Let the Memories Begin” – our special celebration of family vacations and magical memories. And yes, you’re going to be the star. For the first time, your home videos and snapshots will be featured in Disney television ads and other print and online communications.
To kick things off, we’ve launched DisneyParks.com/Memories. It’s a new destination where you can upload your Disney vacation memories captured in photos and videos and share with the world. And getting started is easy:
•Choose to share your memory on DisneyParks.com/Memories; Facebook.com/WaltDisneyWorld; Facebook.com/Disneyland; Youtube.com/DisneyMemories; or Myspace.com/DisneyParks.

•Describe your memory. Memories can upload as photos, videos or text-only.

•Then all it takes is hitting the “submit” box and, once reviewed, a lifetime Disney memory is stored and shared.

Simple, right? So, what should you submit? Your favorite memories – whether it was a first meeting with a Disney princess, a laugh-filled Splash Mountain ride or a magical moment around a holiday fireplace when mom and dad surprised everyone with a “We’re Going to Disney!” announcement – We’re looking for videos and photos that capture your never-to-be-forgotten experiences. Take a look:

And there’s more – beginning in January of 2011, you’ll also become the star of a nightly spectacular at Disney Parks. Photos of magical memories made in the park during the day will be projected that night on Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World and “it’s a small world” at Disneyland Resort. Pretty cool, huh?

In both locations, Disney PhotoPass photographers will provide images of guests shot during the day to be shared on the icons. While we’re still working on the show details, producers estimate as many as 500 photos will be shown in each location every day.

So, let us know about your favorite Disney memory and share it at DisneyParks.com/Memories.

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