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Fun Waiting For The Jungle Cruise In Disney's Magic Kingdom

One of the absolute classic Disney World Attractions is the Jungle Cruise.  It is known for its corny jokes and play on words approach to humor.  Even before you step foot aboard the boat there is much to see and amuse you.

Jungle Cruise Queue
Magic Kingdom guests should make sure that they pay attention to their surroundings as they enter the queue area for the Jungle Cruise.  This area that serves as both waiting area and boat dock is filled with signs, posters, and props that are worthy of your attention.  In case you may have rushed past them, Only WDWorld has captured some of them for you.

The above sign is a warning to employees: "Attention Skippers!  The use of Jungle Navigation Co. boats for daredevil trips over Schweitzer Falls is strictly prohibited."  If you have ridden the Jungle Cruise, then you are probably familiar with Schweitzer Falls, you know, the one that was named after Dr. Albert Falls.

Much of the humor is subtle like the Help Wanted sign above: "Opportunities for Immediate Advancement at our Amazon River Base.  Recent Events have created a number of openings at what is surely our most exciting outpost."

This T-Shirt Sign puts a new twist on the FREE KITTENS offer: "FREE KITTENS to a good home. Adorable, playful kittens have pretty stripes and are quite large.  Contact the personnel offfice and take one home today.  PLEASE!!!"

Play on words humor is one of their favorite since it can appeal to a wide variety of ages.  This Employee of  the Month Sign congratulates: E. L. O'Fevre.  (If you don't get the joke, read the name out loud to a child and they will explain it to you.)

Sight gags are also a favorite type of humor.  Here we see an empty cage with a "DANGER: Wild Orangutan Keep Away" warning.

At the exit of the Jungle Cruise Attraction you will see a large chalk board with a list of "Missing Persons" and "Missing Boats."  If you read the list you will find some interesting names like: Al Belate, B.N. Eaton, Emma Boylen, C.M. Cooken, Ilene Dover, Ann Fellen, Seoum Yett, Albert Knot, & Betty Dont.

This warning sign declares: "Jungle Navigation Company Live Cargo Holding Area.  Kindly Keep Your Hands To Yourself (If you want to keep them, that is!)"

Lastly this shipping crate is transporting: "Gaboon Vipers" with the latin name "Bitis Gabonica."

Jungle Cruise Humor
This trip through the Jungle Cruise Queue shows that you don't have to get on board the boats in order to get a dose of fine Jungle Cruise humor.  These props are well thought out and fit in well with the humor that is displayed on the attraction itself.  Make sure that you look for these signs and more the next time that you are waiting to board the "Irrawaddy Irma" or "Senegal Sal.".

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