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Splash Mountain - WARNING: YOU MAY GET WET!

Splash Mountain, one of the Magic Kingdom's famous Mountains, is an exciting water flume ride and so much more.  Anyone who has waited in line to ride Splash Mountain may have noticed the large number of warning signs that exist.

For whatever reason the folks at Disney World want to make sure that you realize you may get wet on this water based attraction.  The signs start appearing at the entrance to the line.  You are immediately warned that the opportunity for increased wetness strongly exists on this attraction.

As you make your way through the lengthy queue, you will be reminded multiple times that "You May Get Wet."  Some people do not make the immediate association with a water ride and getting wet, so therefore the extra signs are posted.

You May Get Wet
In order to get the message across, the helpful Disney Imagineers have created multiple forms of signage to communicate the fact that: You May Get Wet.  The sign above points out the fact that while you are experiencing Splash Mountain you will encounter the following:
50 Foot Plunge Ahead!  Splash Mountain is a turbulent flume adventure with high speeds, heights, and sudden drops and stops!  YOU MAY GET WET!

Consider yourself duly warned.
Take Heed Of This Warning
If the message was important enough to say once it is worth repeating multiple times.  Again you will see the warning and be made aware that the large drop that you may have noticed on your way to the attraction is indeed a 50 foot plunge and not just an optical illusion.  If you are unnerved by all of these warnings: YOU MAY EXIT HERE.

Last Chance To Exit
As you near the end of the queue and are ready to embark upon your adventure, you must make it past the last warning signs.  Here you will be made aware that this is your LAST CHANCE to exit and also reminded one more time that "You May Get Wet."

The above sign is the last sign to let you know that this is your "Last Chance To Exit."

Enjoy Splash Mountain!
If you are daring enough to make it past all of the warning signs, you will be rewarded with one of the best attractions in all of Disney World.  This is much more than a flume ride with a 50 foot plunge.  It is filled with audio-animatronic animals as the story of Brer Rabbit and his misadventures are told.

Lastly, it is true that you MAY GET WET on this attraction, but not where you think you will.  Many people assume that they get wet during the final 50 foot plunge.  Actually you are more likely to get the wettest at the beginning of the attraction as pictured above. 

As your log proceeds past the big drop, you will notice that a geyser shoots off each time a log goes down the hill.  The water from the geyser drops onto the people in the log at the beginning of the ride.  If you make it past this early section unscathed, it is possible to stay completely dry for the entire attraction.

Don't count on staying dry though, because as the multitude of signs warn: You May Get Wet! 

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