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Exploring Harambe Advertisements At Disney's Animal Kingdom

Within Disney's Animal Kingdom, you find the African Village of Harambe.  The Disney Imagineers have gone to great lengths to add realistic detail to all that you see during your visit.

Today we are going to take a closer look at the posters and advertisements that you see posted upon the village walls.

Kilimanjaro Safaris
One of the major advertisers that you will notice in Harambe is Kilimanjaro Safaris.  This should not be a surprise since they are the outfit that runs the Safari that operates out of Harambe that you may have already experienced.  The slogan for Kilimanjaro Safaris is: "When it comes to safaris WE GO WILD."

In the top picture they advertise the "Journey Of A Lifetime."  "Enjoy one of our modern, comfortable safari vehicles for a day excursion into the beautiful HARAMBE WILDLIFE RESERVE."

In the picture above you get a taste of the different safaris that they offer:

  • Okavango Delta Canoe Tour - Four Days Of Pristine Wetland!

  • Selou Bushwalk - On The Trail Of The Honey Badger!

  • East African Bird Watching - Wahlberg's Eagle To Maasi Budgie!

  • Barefoot In Lamu - Sportfishing - Djow Journies Donkey Rides!
Cap'n Bob's Super Safaris
No surprise that Kilimanjaro Safaris is not the only outfit that provides safaris to interested travelers.  Here we have Cap'n Bob's Super Safaris

Cap'n Bob is evidently quite the salesman as you can see the following information on his poster:

  • Captain Bob invented economy camping.

  • Camping doesn't mean cheap.  It means value.

  • Guaranteed Animals! Genuine African Culture!

  • Trust Us!

  • We are just the right size - not too big, not too small.  Our day trips include Mauti Crocodile Farm and Camel Rides at UJingo Ranch  or...you name it and we'll take you there!!

  • We have completed over six hundred departures in our famous Turkang Bus - providing photo safaris and exclusive holidays - ask anyone!

Kinga Hot Air Balloon Trips
If safaris are not your cup of tea, how about a hot air balloon trip?  Kinga asks the question "Why Not Rise Above It All?"

With Kinga you can avoid the dust and jolt's of East Africa's famous road system and embrance the romantic vision of Africa.  Hot Air Balloon Trips are: Safe! Unique! & Romantic!  They also offer a champagne breakfast at the set-down point!  

To get a hold of them just leave a message at Kulewa's Cafe.

Poaching Alert
You will also see public service announcements such as this Poaching Alert posted in Harambe.  Here you alerted to "report any evidence of poaching to the nearest ranger post."  You are also made aware that " You can help the reserve in its fight against ivory poachers."

For those looking to hear some music, check out the notice for the "One Love" concerts presented by Three Stars on Friday night at the Civic Club on Kunjufu St.

Jorodi Masks & Beads
For those looking to do some shopping, but not sure where to turn there is Jorodi Masks & Beads.  They advertise the "finest collection of traditional art in East Africa."

Disney World Details
The care that the Disney Imagineers put into their creations at Disney World are unmatched.  The little things like authentic looking advertisements for a village that only exists in Disney's Animal Kingdom are what sets this apart from the others.

You may not always notice the details that are there, but you would certainly notice if they were not.  The sense of realism would not be as great and it would not be so easy to escape into these  fantasy worlds and become immersed in the story that is created.

The next time you are at Disney World take notice of the little details that are all around you.

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