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Rock 'n Glow Dance Party At Disney's Hollywood Studios

The Rock 'n Glow Dance Party at Disney's Hollywood Studios is part of Disney World's Summer Nightastic! Events for 2010.  Five nights a week this summer the nights at Hollywood Studios are Rocking! 

Mulch, Sweat, 'n Shears
The resident Rock band from Disney's Hollywood Studios, aka Mulch, Sweat, 'n Shears makes their way from the Streets of America in their landscaping truck to the center of attention.  Serving as the headliner for the Rock 'n Glow Dance Party, Mulch, Sweat, 'n Shears gets the attention they deserve.  They are playing their classic rock on a  newly constructed stage in front of the giant Sorcerer Mickey Hat.
Readers of Only WDWorld may remember that Mulch, Sweat, 'n Shears was voted Disney World's Best Band earlier this year.

This band combines great rock music with an engaging personality to be a fan favorite.  It was great to see them on the big stage.

The only regret from this particular night is that a couple of my favorite band members were not performing and substitutes were in their place.  Nonetheless it was still an entertaining show.

They are a band that performs well in front of a crowd and the fans appreciated it.

Summer Nightastic! At Hollywood Studios
The Rock n' Glow Dance Party added a fun spark of life to the night at Disney's Hollywood Studios.  As a fan of Mulch, Sweat n' Shears it is great to see them literally get on the big stage and perform for a large audience.

They always put on a great show and this was no exception.

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