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Disney World Dining - Rose & Crown Pub

The Rose & Crown Pub in Epcot can provide a great place to grab a light bite to eat and have a drink or two.

The Rose & Crown Pub is adjacent to the Rose & Crown Dining Room in the Great Britain Pavilion of Epcot's World Showcase, but there are no reservations required in the Pub.  It is first come first serve, and tables can be difficult to come by during busy times. 

Those of you who thought this first rate pub only served beers and drinks have been missing out, they also serve food.

Rose & Crown Pub Menu
The food menu is limited, but you can certainly have lunch or a light meal.  There are only four choices of entrees: Corned Beef Sandwich, Fish & Chips, Scotch Egg, and English Bulldog.

The corned beef sandwich (pictured above) comes with homemade potato chips.  It was very good.  The sandwich comes hot, grilled on rye bread.

What would an English Pub without Fish & Chips?  This fish & chips (pictured above) came steaming hot with housemade catsup and tartar sauce.  It goes along great with the English Beers that they have on tap.

The Scotch Egg is a golden-fried hard-boiled egg wrapped in sausage meat with mustard sauce, and the English Bulldog is a split banger stuffed with mashed potatoes, chopped bacon, irish cheddar, and a spiced mustard sauce.  

If you are looking for a different place to grab a quick bite and a drink in air conditioning, then consider trying the Rose & Crown Pub.  The food we tried was great and made a nice lunch.  This is a great place for adults to relax and enjoy Epcot.  You cannot match the pub atmosphere when you buy a beer from one of the Epcot kiosks.  This is also where you can get a Black & Tan (pictured above).  Cheers!

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