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Cinderella Castle Mosaics In The Magic Kingdom

One of the most impressive artistic details in the Walt Disney World Resort can be found in Cinderella Castle at the Magic Kingdom.  Within the main hall you will 5 spectacular 15 foot by 10 foot panels that tell the story of Cinderella in mosaic.

Cinderella Castle Mosaics
Disney Imagineer Dorthea Redmond created the design which was executed in mosaic by Hanns-Joachim Scharff.  Taking 22 months to complete, the five scenes were recreated from the 1950 animated classic "Cinderella."  In all there are over one million pieces of Italian glass in over 500 different colors.  Besides the glass tiles there are silver tiles, and even some 14 carat gold tiles used in the murals.

The murals can be viewed by anyone walking through the main archway of the Cinderella Castle.  You do not need to dine there or wait in line.  They are easily accessible to the public.  Many people avoid walking through the Castle itself since there is no attraction housed there and it serves only as a tunnel to get from the Main Street side of the central hub to Fantasyland.  Seeing these unbelievable works of ark are well worth the effort to make sure you walk through the Castle.

The murals are so impressive at Disney World in Florida that Disney has recreated them for Tokyo Disneyland.

In an excerpt on the D23 website where Marty Sklar reflects upon the life and accomplishments of Dorthea Redmond:
 "Now perhaps Dorothea will be best remembered for the Disneyland Dream Suite, originally designed for Walt himself," Marty adds. "But certainly her most admired design work is the elaborate mosaic murals of the Cinderella story in the entry passage to the Castle at the Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom. Not even the medieval castles of Europe can boast of masterpieces like these!"

If you look closely at the two step sisters, you can see that one has a red face to reflect anger, while the other has a slightly green face to indicate jealousy.

Pictures Are Great. In Person Is Better.
Although "a picture may say a thousand words," you still can't get the full effect of seeing these massive mosaic marvels up close.  The craftsmanship is remarkable.  There are not enough superlatives to adequately describe these brilliant murals.

Hopefully you have enjoyed these pictures and will be inspired to see the real works of art when you visit the Magic Kingdom at Disney World.

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